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Trying Hard Not To Give Up

I in a previous life was very successful, and then 2008 came, and basically ended my career in finance. Since that time, I have been struggling. To make matters worse, this happened in a very crucial age range, when starting over is next to impossible based on what society implies with respect to your usefulness. I am physically and mentally tired, and can honestly say that I have not had one break since 2008, and im not wondering what's the use and why not just give up now. If there is anyone who can help me and offer any help as to why I am still relevant please let me know. My kids are basically out of the house now, and they do not need me anymore, what is the use.

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You are in a very dark place at the moment when you write your post. Will not recite all the "this too will pass" verbiage, you have probably heard it all. All I can say is that in 2000, I had similar occurrence in my occupation. Sometimes I have had moments when I asked myself the same questions you write that you are asking. I wonder if every "empty nester" hasn't asked the same question......even though I never was able to have a child, but like you, had a career I cared about, disappear also.

It really is one day at a time. We have to find new ways in life to contribute while also finding ways to support ourselves. It isn't easy much of the time, but it is possible.

I am concerned about you at this moment. Please call your children and talk with each of them, one at a time, and just see how they are doing. Or do you have a friend you can call right now? We are not doctors, and we can listen in this venue every time you wish to write, but wonder if you have a doctor or therapist helping you with your depression and feelings of loss and loneliness. Have you thought seeing one?

I do not know what country you live in, if it's the US, please call 911 if you think you might harm yourself, and the person on the other end will listen to you and transfer you to a crisis line. There are help and crisis numbers on the web for every country. I am certain that others will be replying to your post who have specific phone numbers you can call. In the meanwhile just keep posting us. There seems always to be someone awake in our world reading and replying to the posts in this venue.

Please remember you are not alone in this venue. And we do care when you reach out to us. Please just call someone now so you can hear a pleasant human voice.


It doesn't matter how old your kids are, if they are out of the house or not, you are their dad and without you their lives would not be the same. I bet if something went wrong for them you would be one of the first people that they would turn too. Once a father always a father!


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