How Do I Beat Anxiety?

Where do I start? … I have been worrying about my health day in day out since April this year, even though I have been deemed healthy by 3 doctors after numerous tests which included, numerous blood tests, urine tests, blood pressure tests, eye tests, thyroid tests, pap smears, and basic examinations eg. Lungs and heart checked, listened to. I have been diagnosed with Health Anxiety & Panic Disorder and am on medication. (Setraline 100mg). After several visits to the doctors. I have been experiencing symptoms to a point where I am in tears and severely stressed. It’s so hard to explain how I am feeling. I have a tightness in my head, feel trapped inside my body to a point where I am struggling for air. It feels like a tingling from the core of my chest and stomach, like I can’t escape. I am constantly in tears, struggle to speak at times without taking deep breaths, my muscles are tensed all the time. I suffer from heartburn and have excessive belching at times. There is so many more symptoms I suffer on a day to day basis & Its making me depressed to a point where I have no energy and want to do nothing. I tend to really suffer these symptoms while I am at work or away from family and most importantly my partner. I am not happy at work due to late changes in staff and management & the workload is unmanageable. My life changed so damn quickly in a small space of time, and I’ve always been a worrier unfortunately it’s in my genes. I moved into 4 different homes in the last 12 months, started my first real serious long term relationship in the last 8 months and finally have moved out into our own home in which I am having to pay bills and cook, clean and look after myself. I am at a loss as to how to beat this? I’m tired of living in fear… I’m tired of thinking every time I have the shakes it’s MS, every time I have a headache it’s a brain tumor, every time I have a stomach ache it’s stomach cancer. I just want my life back, And I just don’t know how to do it.

Is anyone else suffering like this? And what have you done, if you have to beat it?


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  • have u tired exercise? it really has been helping me but i think i have a undiagnosed heart problem (similar too heart failure), ill find out in January but Exercise is also huge for stress and helps activate neurotransmitter that give u pleasure. I too was completely normal till few months hit by this like a truck, you seem like a smart girl...we will get you fixed up and back to normal I promise!

  • Its funny you say that, I used to do daily walks and havent as of late as I dont have time. But I have been told by the doctor to do this. So I will start this up again. I like to think I am smart, & do hope it subsides sooner rather than later! :)

  • You think you have heart failure? Or the doctors do? Try not to stress about it, I know hypocritical coming from me, but if you havent been diagnosed dont worry bout it yet. :)

  • ive experienced all these symptoms at one time or another. The symptoms that go along with an anxious mind and body are endless. Im struggling dealing with them while being at work especially the breathing thing. I don't know what to do any more. I wish I had some tips for you. I have tried counselling and CBT therapy, excersize, yoga, I take vitamins and have tried medications. Ugh Its a rough life that's for sure. How do you get through your work day feeling this way? Maybe you have tips for me haha. Once you learn to accept it and stop worrying about it and looking for answers it will slowly get better, I promise you that. I hope your stressful situations get worked out sooner rather than later. First step might be finding a job where the work load is more manageable. My previous job added a lot of stress and anxiety to my life that I ended up with panic disorder and missed so much work after that that I lost my job...

  • its just so full on... i think of the next day and i dread it ... i wake in the morning feeling as if im going to have to go through another day like the day before ... and it just manifests from there... I did have a patch where i was feeling better then i stopped my medication as it wasnt something i wanted to be on. and now im right back where i started... so i think staying on the meds is the best option right now. until i get a handle on it, I struggle through the work day i cry at my desk and do fuck all work... i am currently looking for something else something less stressful. it is nice t know there is people suffering just like me so i know im not alone. thanks for you response :) hopefully we can help each other, x

  • Hi meaganLee...I am going through the exact same thing like I tell everyone you at enot alone because your really not...I cry everyday because I feel these symptoms change my life from one day to another...once I feel like these symptoms.I feel down n sad because I know something is wrong with me I just wished this could go away....I work full time and for some reason at work it starts to hit me I get terrified and start thinking crazy bt what can we do take it dad by day n pray for a better day and thank god for helping us get through this...I just want u to know I am here for u and I'm going through it just like you

  • Thanks so much, I am here for you also if you need :) x

  • Exercise is going to eliminate so much of these concerns you have. I'm so sorry you're going through this, it's like you're trapped inside your mind fearing the worst part of life on a daily basis when really you owe it to yourself to just live. I hope you get better and please reach out to me if you need anything!

  • I am definitely going to try and excercise ... a lot of people have suggested it. so i think ill give it a go :) thanks i am also here if you need x

  • Omg you have just written all about me, it's been a full year for me but I feel I'm getting to the other end of this nightmare, I have read so much, which has helped loads, I bought at last a life by Paul David, and Claire Weeks, and the Charles Lindon, pack, they all tell you the same, it's all about behaviour,and our thoughts, we do this to our self, when you start to believe that you are healthy, you do start to feel better,slowly, very slowly, take care and buy books ,knowledge is power.

  • Hello!

    Aw no that's sounds awful.

    I think it helps a lot if someone knows what making them so anxious and stressed.

    I would say moving house just once is pretty stressful, but four times? I would give your self some credit because once is stressful enough four times can be quite unsettling! I think this has a lot to do with what your going through unless there is other thing going on to? when we go through stressful situations we often look at our selfs and judge ourself and sometimes this is how health anxiety starts. Stressful situations leave ppl feeling quite vunerable and they may not even know it and may have handled the situations well at the time. even if they have a good support network around them stress and anxiety will find away to get in.

    With health anxiety a good way to deal with it is when your worry is to stop for a minute relax take deep breath and actually go through your body bit by bit. Work out what hurting what's not take something if something . If it's nothing then ignore the thoughts in your head! Also remember you've had all the test and your doctors sound like they have looked after you very well.

    Anxiety isn't logical and irrational thinking replaces your thoughts with negative ones (sometimes).

    also being in a relationship is lovely and exciting but also a lil stressful coz your working out what each other likes dislikes and their personality. Your mind can over analyse ! Cbt might be good for you there are online courses you can do some are free.

    I hope this helps Lils

  • Yes a thousand times yes!! Those dreadful powerful anxiety symptoms that are always so hard to describe! Unbelievable how forceful and overwhelming they can be! an anxiety disorder is a mental health issue that's why your tests are coming back clear. Physically you are top notch! How to deal with the symptoms? There is only one way. Accept them without fear, yes they are foul! Once I began to 'float' through the symtoms two things happened. First of all it was as if my mind thought 'oh she's trying that trick is she? Let's give her something to really worry about' and my symptoms became so intense I could not believe my mind was capable of causing these physical symptoms, but I contin to read my books and float through the feelings. They started to loose their strength until they fizzled away to nothing. Occasionally they got the better of me and 'won' but that became less and less. Setbacks during recovery are normal so expect them. But the gaps between the setbacks get longer. I viewed my negative thoughts leading to hideous symptoms as a bully. The bully quickly lost its power when I faced it head on calmly. Imagine yourself floating through your symptoms or anxiety until it starts to subside. Books which saved me were

    Self Help for your Nerves- Dr Claire Weekes

    The Buddah Brain

    Both available cheaply on Amazon.

    Ignore the dated language in Dr Claire Weekes books, they were written in the 60s but they are still considered to be outstanding books for recovery from anxiet/ panic disorder.

    Good luck!

  • This sounds so like me, I'm not currently working I'm a full time mum, my daily life is a struggle, I worry about every symptom and get scared and think I have something terribly wrong with me, I always think I have cancer 😩 Cbt therapy is good I had it about 4 years ago and it did help, I've had a rough couple of years and now seen to be worse than before, I'm wanting some more cbt but she's off sick at the moment! Excersize is supposed to be good and deep breathing, focusing your mind elsewhere, a puzzle, a book, a game. Also being nice to yourself, even if it's just a long soak in the bath.

    I really should take my own advice lol

    Hope your ok x

  • I know right I can give advice till the cows come home but when it comes to me it's a different story lol

  • Try reading Minding the Body, Mending the Mind

  • Well excersise is a big factor but sleep is also as important trust me your body needs rest from worrying take it from me took some classes on anxiety

  • Hey hope we give each a virtual hug as one it's vital to look inside ourselves and equally try too on the daily thing as I do too have a spot of bother currently.but it will go away the Pest" I am not like this always..take care..

  • Hi I understand completely what u are ging through.mi am exactly the same I'm 47 years old and my anxiety is terrible. I'm the same every ache and pain I get I am always thinking the worst scenario. I have had all tests and health checks like you done and all are ok. I am on anxiety tablets which do keep me a bit calmer I did go to a few lessons of Thai chi which were good as it is all about breathing correctly which I did find helped a lot. There are always counsellers you can speak to. It is a horrible problem and you are not alone .

  • Hi Meagan, I feel you pain and suffering girl. I have had so many panic attacks and it is so damn scary. No matter how much you try to calm down you just simply cant. I know how it feels to have anxiety at work. I use to manage a sprint store and it was so damn stressful. Then we had these D**kheads at corporate that thought they were so much better than the little workers. Every time I knew they were coming to my store I just had the worst anxiety. Then dealing with all the people and their issues and having to rush out of there at the busiest hours to get my 2 kids in time!! I hated my life then. I know exactly what you are dealing with girl. I would have episodes where I would have to leave work in the middle of helping a customer. It was embarrassing and humiliating. Hell it even happen here at my new job the other day. I had to leave and have someone drive me home because I had a panic attack and thought I was going to die. But I didn't... I have had every damn test run on me. I'm 26 and not over weight. But I just have a constant worry and fear emotion that I cannot shake. I have taken iron pills, B12, and magnesium to help. I need to start walking in the evenings to get my mind off things because as soon as I get off I have to get my 2yr old and 7yr old. Then go home cook and clean and awhile I'm just so unhappy and stressed.

    I wish their dad was more helpful but he isn't. I am about to start taking some antidepressant's and hopefully that works. If you ever need someone to talk to that can relate to you just let me know. if helps me to talk about it and help others.

  • Hey meaganlee do you ever feel jelly legs??

  • Yeah occasionally xx

  • So you get that symptom how often I get it almost everyday

  • Hey you sound exactly like me in my head I've had every illness you can think off and thanks to google I've had things I've never heard off! I know every symptom for every illness 🙈 Have you thought about cbt? Also there's a book called dare and he'll teach you to overcome anxiety I've been reading 2 days and I feel so relaxed up to how I did a few days ago I feel like me again X

  • Thanks everyone for your comments and experiences ... it's nice to know I'm not crazy and not alone .... I'm sure I'll get past it ... just have to train the brain that I'm okay and to stop the worry !!

    We're all here for each other which is great support! Well beat this ... :)

  • I'm on day 4 of Paxil and I already feel a difference. I'm very relaxed and not so frustrated.

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