Went to group therapy for anxiety

So if you've been following my post you would know that I was afraid to go get help for my anxiety. So I went to a clinic in my neighborhood and I went in for a screening and then saw a social worker. The social worker was rushed. She diagnosed me with anxiety and depression. Something I already know I have. But I needed more information I needed actual help. She gave me group therapy but I need one on one. How can you give someone anxiety group when they have anxiety I almost broke down in tears sitting in that group therapy. It was so hard for me to sit there and I just really wanted a therapist to pour out my problems all at once and someone to help me. Group therapy isn't helping me. It doesn't solve my problems. And when stuff like this happens it sets me back. Because I'm holding on by a thread. And trying to remain okay. And I want this to stop and I feel like I'm trying things I don't want to try but it isn't helping. And it frustrates me


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  • ShiDani We have to start somewhere, and if you don't have amazing insurance pickings are slim. You start out in group and wait for an opening in private. I've been playing the hurry up and wait game for 32 years. Sometimes I win and get a Dr. that can prescribe meds and 2 yrs later he drops my insurance. I have no one now but a medical PA who hasn't changed my meds or tweaked them in 12 years. I have state insurance and can only hope and pray the congress will work so we have great medical, mental, dental, eye, the whole bit soon. You look way to young to give up now and think about suicide ( even if it's just thinking ) you know as quick as it came on (anxiety) it can also disappear. Think how wonderful that would be. We are all here for you and each other. You will be ok, just be strong when you need to be and cry it out and let it go when you need to. You control anxiety, tell it to back off and pray.....often.

  • Thank you for your words of encouragement. I pray every night sometimes I just feel like is that enough. I feel like what do I have to do to get help.

  • Just hang in there, I know it's hard sometimes. Private therapy is usually a student and you really feel like it's a waste of time and effort. God will make a way, don't give up, it will get better. I promise.

  • thank you i hope so🙁

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