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Good Day

I went to my therapist this morning alone Then to eat lunch with my husband Then went shopping by myself Most of the time I would go to the appointment and then return home Not because I'm scared to go out but because I have no motivation to go I am Tired of setting around and letting life pass me by We have so little time in this life I want to Live my Life like it's the gift God gave me and stop taking it for granted

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I know how you feel 😩

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I know exactly what you feel like. I have had anxiety/depression for many years now. It started in a similar way to yours immediately after giving birth to my first baby. Ever since It has affected me and have been on different medications most of the time. Both my sons are now adults with their own life. The first one has all sorts of mental health problems and lives 300 miles away from me. The younger one is a Doctor and lives in Australia. I recently lost a very close friend to cancer which has really affected me. With both of my kids so far away, and all my friends living away from me, I am finding life difficult to cope with right now. I am having counselling and on Sertrilene, but anxiety seems to win despite this.

The only thing that does help a bit is meditation and relaxation Cd's that I listen too. My other problem is finding the motivation to do it every day.

Feel free to chat to me any time. I know what you are going through.

Take care.


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