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Hi how's everyone tonight. Well I've done another day did nothing was there for an hour complete waste of time but I'm not complaining. Can't wait till its finished. On the bad side my son has been arrested for taking a car and drink driving. I feel so embarrassed saying it on here but need to get it off my chest. He never learns breaks my heart I've tried and tried. Don't think he will be out this time. Hopefully he will get help now

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Hi thanks he's 27 doesn't live with me he's been an alcoholic for a year x he makes me ill keep trying to help him he's a nightmare but a lovely lad when he's not drinking



Well done in going again to day as I no you were dreading it !

The hours are getting less , just shows they dont even know what to do with people once they get you there , its all about putting ticks in the boxes for them , but you will soon be done with it , thats over half way now of the first week done & you are doing fantastic !

Sorry about whats happened with your son , please dont feel ashamed , like anxiety , addiction to drink is an illness that nothing you have done has caused this & it is in no way a reflection on your parenting skills

Look at all the famous well known celebrities etc that have had or have this problem , no one blames their up bringing & please dont blame you !

I believe you son is a great lad sober & maybe this has had to happen so he will get the help he needs & I hope he does & you can have your son back as you no he really is deep down a lovely young man !

Thinking about you :-)





Thanks x


I do feel for you scoobyd. I agree with the others. Please don't blame yourself I am sure he had a good upbringing. Giving you a hug. (((((((((scoobyd)))))))))

Bev xxx


Hi Scooby x Them bloody courses sound a right pain x And more so when they know about your anxiety, it seems unfair x

As for your son, it must be hard, after all he is your son and you will love him despite his flaws. But it is not your fault he is doing what he does, he needs to realise he has a problem and ask for help in the right way. My younger sister is the same, she has been in trouble more times than enough, from shoplifting to twoc, to you get the picture, and each time a slapped wrist. They have tried to detox her and everything, but as they say until she admits she has a problem they will never work. Its a shame as she is only 30 but has been a alcoholic since she was 17. And to us as a whole family, she is an embarrassment, I can honestly say sometimes I would deny she was my sister. Its nothing you do as a parent, you do not hold that bottle to them everyday, they choose to do it. As you say maybe this time he will change, maybe not xx But you have to except that this is what he is for now. xxx Time to think of you x Donver xx


Aww thanks it really helps x and you've been through it too. It's awful and most of my family avoid him because their scared of him when he's drunk. He has to help himself first. Thanks everyone


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