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Feeling anxious

Hi everyone, hope your Monday is going well. Tomorrow my husband leaves for a short work trip & I'm feeling anxious about it. He leaves tomorrow early morning & gets home late late Thursday night. I know it's a short trip, but he's going cross country. I'm scared him being so far away & keep thinking of what if something bad happens. I know our home is safe & Han Solo (our dog) is very protective of me, but can't help feeling scared. Hate feeling like this.... 😓

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Make sure your husband knows how you feel before he leaves. It's important to you that he respond when you text and answer when you call. My husband is the same way and I am more independent. He gets really worked up inside when he can't reach me. I try to remember that for his sake.

Take Han for some hikes and post pictures! I will do the same with Ferb!!


melbrown, the "what ifs" have gotten most of us in trouble just by raising our already anxious state. Try to plan some positive things for the couple days he is away. A favorite movie, a quiet relaxing bath, an order in meal for yourself, doing your nails and your hair...In other words, pamper yourself, try to enjoy the quiet time pushing aside the "what ifs".. How lucky you are to have a dog by your side.

Take the day in parts...going through your husband's day may help it pass faster. (now he's in a meeting, now he's at lunch and so on.) Have a set time that he will call you. This isn't the first time that someone on the forum has gone through separation anxiety. Use the forum for conversation and support. Use private messaging. But know that someone will always be on line to talk with you. I will especially be watching your posts as I'm sure others will as well.

You are stronger than you think. You WILL be okay... x We'll be here waiting to hear from you You are never alone.


I'm sorry you feel this way! I used to feel the same way when my husband went away.

I used to have a friend stay over. I thought I was the only one.

Now a days I feel that life is too short to worry about, "what ifs". God has made his plan for us. No matter what, worrying won't help. I Pray for God's protection. Let him take over all my worries.

I enjoy guided meditation a few times a day to begin to relax and control scarey thoughts. It really has helped me.

I hope this helps some,


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Thank you LMCello, Agora1 & Deb for your kind words & advice. Han & Betsey are great at keeping me company when my husband is away. Luckily I'll be at work during most of the day.... so it'll just be the nights I'll be anxious. I talked to my husband, we were able to come up with a time for him to call (with the time difference easier to know). I picked up some beauty stuff from the drugstore, so I can do a spa night. I'm going to make sure we have sleepy time tea, so it'll help me relax at night. Knowing I have great support here is making me feel better.... thank you. 💛

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