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Still Scared

Okay, so for the past week, almost two weeks, I've been kind of uncomfortable. I think I'm constipated a little. But I don't really know and then I get worried I am, and on top of that, I'm still struggling to accept that the doctor said the pelvic stuff would go away.

I'm really tight in the pelvic region, and low stomach noises won't shut up. I'm afraid something bad is going to just suddenly happen and Im struggling to accept it won't. Everything In me is just on repeat of, "this isn't normal. This isn't normal." And I keep psychoanalyzing every feeling in the pelvic region. It's just making me really depressed.

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Trust me I understand. Just yesterday I went to the hospital.... I thought I was having heart problems... Once again it was all in my head. Anxiety is a true bitch! But it's getting better for me.. And it will for you too.


I'm here if you want to talk.


Constipation will cause some discomfort in your intestine, which is just above your pelvic region. Is this where the pain is?

Try and take something to help you, there are lots of things over the counter to try. Drink plenty of water too.

Hopefully once your constipation is controlled the pains will also go.

Take care, Wired.


The constipation feels more muscular, like I'm really really tight. If that makes sense.


You seen your doctor and were responsible checking into your health concur with the pelvic area pain. And the doctor said likely the cyst would take care,of itself. I am the person who wrote to you before on a post about ovarian cysts and my experience.

I believe now you have another medical problem that is causing your pelvic pain to be even worse. And that likely is anxiety. Everyone feels anxiety but a lot of people on HU also get diagonised by a doctor as Anxiety being an illness. Just lik depression, etc.

Have you talked to your doctor about anxiety? If they see if they might suggest some tablets for you to feel better. But of course only your doctor can decide that. But it is not right you are suffering this much worry with out a doctor recommending something to make you feel better.❤️

PS- when I have bowel issues my body feels very tense and sore making me feel anxiety. There is some fibre powder you can buy to make a drink to gently help you. But please ask someone you trust like a parent if they think this is a good idea too!


The doctor recommended meds, but I refused them because i didn't want to be reliant on medication, nor deal with the withdrawal symptoms.

As for telling my parents, I'm very open to how I'm feeling and my mom is extremely attentive and also deals with anxiety but after also hearing what the doctor said, she continues to tell me she believes there to be nothing of concern.


That's really good you have close relationship with your mom. It is great to have someone to listen to the doctor with you and get their feedback when making decisions about your health. You have everything in place to feel better very soon.❤️


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