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Feeling like giving up any second

I really don't know what to do anymore. Lately, I have been feeling extremely depressed and my anxiety has been more intense. My grades have been slipping, all the people I'm "friends" with aren't my actual friends, I've been dealing with heavy insecurity, and I've just been an overall mess. Nothing good ever happens in my life and when I think I get something that makes me a little happy, it doesn't end up that way after all. My family and even friends refuse to acknowledge my problems because they don't want another burden on their shoulders. I used to have someone who would give me support but they're not around anymore, we drifted, so I'm too scared to talk to her.

I just want some help in my life, I want to get better. I don't want to die even though, I have been thinking about ending my life every day now and during the night before, I started strangling myself, however, I didn't get through it.

I have chronic hives that I think my anxiety caused too and they've been around more often compared to the entire year I've had them around. They're extremely itchy and get worse by the second.

I just want to be able to tell these things to someone for some help, but I'm ignored and I have no one. I can't help but lay in my bed sobbing every second of the day because I'm completely alone. I feel like it's going to happen any second now.

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Hang on in there. You're young life changes. Work on resilience, make some future plans, speak to your GP. Phone a help line - Papyrus in UK or Samaritans


in know it's hard and you feel alone, but remember your not I too suffer really bad anxiety and many days I feel like I want to die. Anxiety is so hard to deal with and it makes me feel like I'm going crazy. I don't go in public much I go to work then home. I just want you to know your not alone.


Ludicroushota, you're going through a tough patch at the moment, it's not always going to be like this, believe me. You're young and life lies ahead, when you're recovered wonderful adventures and experiences await you so don't throw your life away. If you ever feel that way again go straight to A&E or the ER and tell them exactly how you feel, that's what they're there for.

Are you absolutely sure there's no one in your family you can talk to aboutthis? I bet there is someone, maybe you're judging them too harshly.Do you know what caused your present anxiety and depression? Was it too much stress at school/college or did someone let you down? A good start to your recovery would be to put that right somehow. Maybe talk to your teachers, only you know what brought on this anxiety disorder.

The trouble with anxiety is that we always see bad and threats in everything that happens, small problems seem 10 times more formidable and we can start imagining all sorts of illnesses that we don't actually have.

So draw a line under the past, accept your bad feelings for the moment and engage with life: don't stay at home feeling miserable, get up and go out, make new friends. Maybe join a club where people who have the same interests as you hang out and I don't mean online.

You could be right about the hives being the result of anxiety, ask your doctor for some cream to take the discomfort away. Tomorrow brings a new dawn, Ludicroushota, let it be the first day of your recovery when you are outward facing and willing to accept those bad feelings for the time being without the fear and negativity that has kept your nervous system over sensitive for too long. You can do it, I promise you.


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