Why can't I stop

Everyday I feel so over whelmed with my negative thoughts. I find at night when I go to bed I gave no symptoms but as soon as I wake they slowly start to appear. Panic attacks and negative thoughts, muscle tension around my ribs and around my bra , sore neck and shoulders.

I feel that I have a serious illness and nothing can distract me away from my thoughts. It's having a massive impact on my marriage and my children. I am on waiting list for trauma therapy and on meds but I feel like I am on my own as have had no kinda therapy yet.

This is all started back in november when I lost my grandad ....

I just need constant reassurance .......


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  • I can't believe how normal this is for someone who loved and lost a relative that meant as much to you as he did. If you could get into a hot shower and have a sob session about how much you loved and now miss him, you might feel a hell of alot better. Trying to keep it together sucks. The hot shower is your friend. And soooo much cheaper than tx.😎

  • With you every step of the way on this one. I'm able to turn my mind off at night, watch a little TV then off to bed and fall right asleep. Then same dang thing, as soon as I wake I slowly wind up with tension and intrusive thoughts try and take over until it's time to sit again. If I can offer you any relief it's that after 8 1/2 months now for me it is certainly getting better. Time / therapy and coping methods are helping. Learning to "let go" of things and thoughts had made living a heck of a lot more enjoyable. Hang in there, breath, enjoy what you can. It does get better.

  • Yummymummi79, Indigojoe is so right in that loss of a loved one is a normal part of life. When we have anxiety it makes us more prone for the symptoms to surface. You need time to heal, time to remember all the good memories and forego any thoughts about your own health. These are two separate issues. It's your anxious mind now turning to your own health. You are okay. What you are feeling is the emotional impact of the loss. Embrace each day you have with your beautiful family. Give therapy a try if you can't push past this point in time. This is your time to make memories with your family. Work on meditation and deep breathing to relieve your muscle tension around your ribs, neck and shoulders. I have that too as well as most others on the forum. It's a way of our body letting us know we need to relax. Nothing more dire than that.

    Whenever you get these negative thoughts, say to yourself "I am okay" and smile and truly believe that. x

  • Thank you so much for all of your support. It is so reassuring to know that your not alone. X

  • Hi I had depression anyway. I'm sorry for your loss. I recently lost my partner and it sends you loopy.

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