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Hey every1 i am arsh from india 26 yo male.

Few days ago i had rapid heart beat and elevated sgot sgpt due to alchohol. My heart ecg and echo were normal . After two weeks of good diet and no alchohol my liver also bcame normal. I can check heart beat on phone i keep doing that and by that if its little up or low i start too see some other syptoms amd keep googling in most of the cases i have cancer. I dont know how to stop worrying

Thanks in advance

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Hi Arsh, the first thing is not to google. That has caused more stress in people already suffering with anxiety. It's true that your SGOT and SGPT will fluctuate, alcohol being one of the factors that causes it to rise. Maybe checking your heart beat on the phone isn't a good idea since you will become focused on the heart. Having your doctor monitor your vitals is usually good enough. By stopping your worry, you need to stop the repetitive things you do that cause you worry. In this day and age, it's become too easy to get information about our health which may play against us. Try to find a substitute for worry by doing things you enjoy. Put the concerns and what ifs aside since they are most likely not to happen. Enjoy each day, be with family and friends. Keeping busy in enjoying the positive things in your life will help cut down your worries and stress. My best.


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