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I Want to start a group


I have had to retire early, I am 61, due to anxiety, depression, physical problems.  I have found there's no groups locally, I had to give up driving, so thought of starting one.

Anyone interested?

Could be online or locally.

Get in touch with any ideas.

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Whereabouts do u live?

camel in reply to Alice61

Cm16 uk

Alice61 in reply to camel

I am in Scotland

camel in reply to Alice61

It could be online 

I would be happy to join an online group Camel.

Ok how  should we go about it?

I'm not really sure how u would go about it. Maybe someone on this site could advise.

I've been wanting to find a group but I don't know anyone in san diego.

Anyone any  ideas for an online group?  Where we can share ideas etc  

How to  go about it?

Yes I would join too. I'm in Australia, but have no idea how to go about it. If you do find or organise one please let us know on here. 

Me too😊I'm in ireland 


thanks to  everyone who replied 

I Have set up a chat room 

If you're interested send me a private message through this site with an email address so I can invite you 

Once we get a few people we can chose a day a week with a suitable time; maybe 1 hour per week 'to chat'


Did you know in private messages you can join as many people in that message as you want ?

You just put the names of the people you want to invite in the message and then you are all included , could be another way to do it to 

You could also set up a post on here asking people if they want to join in the post about how they are feeling 

I know you have set up a chat room now but these could also work in a way to especially for those that may not want to venture of the site :-)

Good Luck with your group :-)

Take Care x

camel in reply to lulu-1

Many thanks 

I got to set up chat room from two of my sons

It's good as people have a choice 

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