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I am getting concerned about my memory for here and now, it is recently that I am having that feeling I am somewhere else. I don't know why but it's scaring me. My son will tell me something and I will forget straight away. Past is strong but I can't retain things, I forgot my road name yesterday, what I was doing in the supermarket, words don't come out but are in my head.... I'm so upset


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  • Hello

    This is something that does happen when we have anxiety it happens to me all the time !

    I have three grown up children if they all come visiting at the same time when I want one's attention I can shout each of their name's before I get the right one , I go in a room and stand there and think what did I come in here for ??? I know I came for something ?

    I have to write lists so I don't forget things to

    Our brains can get over loaded and I think they sometimes just shut down

    Next time you see your Doctor mention it , I am sure they will say something similar but will give you peace of mind , I laugh at it when it happens now and see the funny side of it as some things that happen can be quiet funny and if you can make light of it then it does not have as much importance as well as making the anxiety less and the less it will then happen :-)

    Take Care x

  • Hi lulu1

    Thank you for sharing your experience. I worry a lot and feel a bit frustrated when I forget things, i guess I shouldn't panic and go to my GP to get piece of mind. I have health anxiety which is very debilitating at times xx

  • Think you may have answered your issue and that is that you have Health Anxiety which tells us every little thing has to be major but I do believe our minds do get overloaded and this is what causes it but yes ask your Doctor and when they tell you everything is ok you can just accept it and one less thing to worry about :-) x

  • Mm yeah that's true lol, I do that a lot I think without realising, thank you for that :-) one less thing to worry about would be nice x

  • I was driving a car along a regular route that I take a while ago and I came to a roundabout and completely forgot which way to go. It's down to the anxiety. I can't always remember names unless I have been told them 100 times, i go to the shop and forget half the stuff I went to the shop to buy. It hasn't happened in a long time though.

    Don't worry to much about it but do mention it to your doctor at your next appointment.

  • Thanks Jim I won't get myself worked up, I will mention it to my GP though x

  • I put it down to getting older lol

    Take care mum

  • Ha ha well I probably should then lol

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