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Help me understand

For a week now I go lay down in my bed my mind starts going I think of everything in my life...I go to sleep but I don't feel asleep... Randomly wake up and feel so frustrated. Get up next morning my stomach feels weird like I am getting sick I have lost my appetite someone who is constantly talking drives me crazy I have to ask them to be quite having pains in head and neck.... Please help me underatand this. I can't handle this much more.

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Too much introspective thinking is bad for your brain.

To help you need to distract your mind from this by socialising, exercising, applying your mind to external things and get away from this introspection. It's ironic that the more time you spend thinking about these feelings, the less likely they are to settle.

Try and apply your thinking to things other than your own feelings and life, not easy but it will definitely help if you can do it


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