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Need help!!

Has anyone got any advice on how to get out the house more I can't take any medication due to bad reactions to most of them :( I'm stuck in all the time cause of my anxiety and I feel crap every day with some anxiety symptom and it's driving me crazy wasn't to get back to my old self who was enjoying going out and meeting friends just feel so trapped 😞

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Look at my post on breathing. The breath really does change how the body and mind work. Also try seeing obstacles as challenges or adventures eg dare yourself to do something... Start small and see if yoy can awaken the adventurous part of you. Anxiety is about perspective.....see if you can change yours gently... I dare you ;-)


Try joining a club or any sort of place where people meet. If you have a dog you can go walking or hiking. I joined a gym and feel better every time I go.


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