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Some perspective

I haven't written a post in quite some time. The reason? I've been doing great with my anxiety, both health and cognitive anxieties. So good that I forgot what it was like to have an anxiety attack or the feeling of fear from it.

Well, that changed this past week as I've been suffering from a case of Colitus (infection in my colon) which of course has every symptom just like anxiety. On top of that you start thinking about your own health more and of course mortality. All those great little feels (insert sarcasm here)

Anywho what does this mean and why am I telling you? Well, I REFUSE to go back to what I was and where I was when I had my first "meeting" with anxiety.

I KNOW that this will not last forever. How do I know? I've experienced illness free life before and anxiety free life before. There fore, I know I can have this life again. All I need is hope and the courage and strength to continue to move forward. There is nothing I can do about the anxiety that is already here. So why bother fighting it to go away? I, infact, welcome it and acknowledge that it's here with me so that I know I can identify it and actually have a reason as to why I feel this way.

You see, from what I've been so graciously able to learn from this online community is that you need to accept what you have and learn to live your life as regular as possible. What's key is Understanding that dwelling in what you're feeling is not going to help you in any way but knowing that eventually this is going to go away, as long as you accept these feelings, and train your body and mind to go back to not be so sensitive is how you will eventually get over this. I can't begin to tell you how much this is true.

I am a man of faith, Christian faith, and my number one supporter is God and my Lord Jesus Christ. Peace is in our lives and it will always be as long as we learn to accept and learn to love and move forward.

You'll see people on here that have successfully learned to live with and stop their anxieties, but don't think for a second it doesn't come back to them, because it does. But the beautiful thing is, is that they now have the tools and resources to stop it, acknowledge it, accept it, and now move on from it.

Remember, you can only go in one direction, and thats forward. So why not move forward in a more positive way 😊

Cheers my friends

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Hi, I wish you well soon. I have a question if you don't mind, how were you able to differentiate colitis from anxiety since they have the same symptoms?


Good question Tanae.

To determine colitis you would need to go to a Doctor and get some tests done. I had a very bad fever that would not go down which would indicate an infection. Of course they tested me and that is what I had. Very similar to the stomach flu really.

But the symptoms I was referring to was the constant stomach pain, nausea, heart palpitations etc. BUT you have to remember that those can be induced by other things as well.

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That's awesome. Praying for your total and complete healing!


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