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I just want to say how important mastering the breath is for enabling us to cope in panicky or stressful situations. Like most things with anxiety you may try this once,twice or twenty times and believe it doesn't work....well it does! It takes practice but it cannot fail because of the science behind it. Basically of you exhale longer than you inhale after approx ten breaths you body will start to calm. I started doing it as in for 2 and out for 4 because my breathing was so shallow from being anxious. At first i didnt think it helped but after a couple of weeks i realised i could count for 4 and 6 and then 5 to 9 and so on. Breathing down into yoyr belly is what you are aiming for. I started to look forward to these few mintues everyday and would light a wee candle to focus on. Years on and i find I automaticaly start to breathe this way if Im stressed or frightened. Its wonderfully empowering because it calms the mind which makes rational thought much easier. Other benefits include settling digestion and releasing muscle tension. So take it from a someone who was a bundle of nerves for 20 years......centre on the breath. All the best xx

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Peeps come back to breathing..... Slow it works.....<3


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