Thought I'd come here for help as everything was going well until yesterday I started having difficulty breathing again which goes away once I forget about it but the constant awareness is back and it seems as if my breathing is heavy and I can't take a lot of air in. No other anxiety symptoms except this but it's putting me into panic feeling breathless and kind of as if I'm being smothered and is making me worry that it's something else and that i will stop breathing. The only thing I can think of that could of caused this slight anxiety symptom is lack of sleep as I haven't been getting much sleep for the past 3 days and also my parents left for a holiday last night so I'm left with my sister. Does anyone else get this? Really worried I'm gonna stop breathing and worried it's not anxiety but something else:/


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  • Also forgot to mention I feel like crying so I'm guessing it is anxiety as I usually do cry with anxiety attacks but I'm trying not to so I don't trigger my panic attack more

  • I suffer from anxiety attacks, and its awful. It feels like you can't even catch a good deep breath. It sometimes make you feel like your dying. The only thing that helps me is I constantly tell my self its just an anxiety attack and its not going to kill me. I went to physical therapy and they showed me different breathing techniques that helped me so much. I hope it helps to hear that you are not alone. It happens to way more people than you think; alot of people dont discuss it because they're afraid of what other people will think of them.

  • My mum has been telling me for ages now to go talk to a therapist and I might do it maybe they will be able to help me more. The good thing is it used to he so much worse 5 months ago. Constant panic attacks 24/7 but I have slowly got myself out of it and only occasionally get really bad symptoms. Usually when I don't sleep much is when I get them

  • Yes, being sleep deprived will trigger them. Also, it couldn't hurt to seek counseling. Maybe they will put you on some meds that will help.

  • Does it feel like your lungs are gonna stop working?

  • Yes it does :/

  • Breathing is an effortless process. when you focus on it then you start to control it. I'm glad you learned some breathing techniques. And yes you're correct to tell yourself that an anxiety/panic attack won't kill you.

  • Hi sweetie, you should try therapy if you can, you've nothing to lose and it might just get you feeling better again. I suffer too, it's so debilitating and frightening. I think people think sometimes you should pull yourself together!! If only it was as easy as that!! Take care of yourself and I hope you get the peace of mind you need soon😃

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