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So I tried going work n had a panic attack. I carried on but was a difficult shift. My anxiety as moved to my breathing. I feel like I'm constantly concentrating on my breathing and having to take deep breaths, but when I can't grasp my deep breath I start to panic as if I can't breath it's horrible, iv been doing this all night and as caused my chest to hurt. Does anyone else AV this x

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Do you have a plastic bag to breath in? That helps. Also, I breath in my nose and count to four to myself and then hold it while counting then let it out slowly...try to keep your tongue behind your front's what my yoga instructor told me. 


I had this, in fact t I just got past it weeks ago. I don't know eds you what I did, just woke up and didn't think about it anymore. I wish I had a better answer,  it the good news is that it can be done. I'm sorry you're going through this because I know how terrible it is. I focused on my breathing all the time, and when you focus on something your body does automatically you just screw it up. I hate that it's as easy as just not thinking about it, but that's what it comes down to. Give it time and go easy on yiurself, you'll get past this.


I have this also, I will be perfectly fine & then all of a sudden my breathing gets weird & once I notice it I get panicky. I have to keep yawning because it makes me feel better, but after doing that a lot my chest starts to hurt. I've been to the ER   Primary & they all said they see nothing. The only think I can tell you is try to Forget about it. The more attention you pay to it you will feel like you can't breathe & it gets worse & worse. After dealing with this for months I think I'm finally excepting it's anxiety because before I was convinced they missed something & I was very ill. I also quit smoking almost a year back & im wondering if it plays a role in my breathing. I'm also going to get checked for allergies & astma. I would tell you to go & get a check up if you haven't already to ease your mind. Best of luck stay strong 😊


Hey, I have experienced the same exact symptoms many many times.  It's very upsetting to say the least.  Hyperventilation can cause these very unpleasant feelings.   As people that suffer from anxiety we tend to hyperventilate more than we know.  So, there are two very good remedies to try and if it is in fact that you are hyperventilating these should do the trick.  One is breath into a paper bag; and the other is to take a few deep belly breaths; hand on your abdomen and your other hand on your chest.  Make sure you raise the hand on your abdomen on your inhales.   See if this does the trick.  Feel better!


I had this for quite a few months and called it conscious breathing should be an involuntary action that the body does without your need to think about it.However once you do think about it you feel you are not getting a satisfactory breath so you try to breath in more deeply ( hyper ventilation )or too shallowly from the upper part of the lungs which causes you to blow off carbon dioxide.As a consequence you feel as if you are suffocating so you attempt to gasp for more air 

Everyone always says blow into a paper bag in order to rebreath some of the carbon dioxide.....but there Is a better way taught to me by a professional tennis player.

Diaphragmatic breathing.Best way to describe this is to lay flat on the floor and place two small books on yourself.One on your tummy and one on your chest.Then using a pillow under you head .look down towards your toes and see if the book on you chest rises higher than the book on your tummy.If it does you are breathing incorrectly from the upper part of the lungs....which causes the air in the lower lungs to stagnate.You should try to breath so that the lower book on your tummy rises higher than the one on your chest.

That's the first part to understand...The second part is not to breath in and out in shallow breaths whilst holding yourself in chest in tension but to breath out ALL the way slowly and then breath in without taking a full breath only just enough to get the lower book to rise....and keep trying to breath out longer than you breath in from you tummy.This may make you feel strange as if you are not getting enough air but with practice you will begin breath properly.The Third part of this is to use a mantra as you breathe in say the word " Calm " and as you breath out say  "Relax"

An after thought....check to see if your diet is more acidic rather alkaline, beta blockers and some other medicines also alter the blood chemistry to a point where you feel you can't breath normally.

Please practice the above techniques because you will begin to realise when you are getting uptight because you breathing changes.Taking a deep breath is fine as long as you try to breath out slower than you breath in.

Hope this is helpful advice. Best Wishes.

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