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Ok so I'm back and have some new symptoms

Before I start, I have been to the doctors. I got a physical and blood work. I'm totally normal on paper. But lately I've noticed I've had really bad brain fog, I feel like a zombie and it's hard to even think. I forget everything and even communicating is getting hard. I'm having trouble sleeping through the night. The feeling of hopeless but is stronger then ever it comes and goes in intense waves. Beginning of the week was so hard I thought I was gonna faint. I don't know what to do. Prescription meds are a bandaid. I currently juice and eat somewhat healthy. I'm now taking fish oil and multi for brain function to try and help with the memory issues. I don't know what to do. This sucks and I want my life back!

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Please remember sometimes bandaids help wounds heal, including depression and anxiety.


Hi , this sounds like a genuine anxiety symptom, ( brain fog) made all the worse from lack of sleep.. Hard as it is to switch off , try just to rest if you can , maybe not the best long term solution but if you get chance over this weekend have a sleep in the day just to try and catch up..sometimes we find it easier to relax in the day rather than the dead of night ! It sounds like you're doing all you can re healthy diet etc .. Maybe also go out for a walk get some fresh air ! Try not too worry and I'm sure it will pass . Take care.


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