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I'm 16 and the last couple days I've felt like my chest has a sore feeling to it. It's hard to explain but it is very uncomfortable. A couple days ago during pull vault I was about to do my vault and all of the sudden I got a weird pain in my chest that caused me to stop and just take a break. I didn't really pole vault after that because I was so scared it was going to happen again. I've gone to the cardiologist and they said my heart is fine. I have a little hiccup on my ekg maybe indicating an I larger left life of the heart but after they ised an ectocardiogram it showed that my heart was completely normal and they said I had like an athletic heart. That all happened about 2 months ago. I was completely fine for a couple weeks and then my family went on a trip to Florida.(I live in Michigan) and I started to feel like it was hard to breath, always wanted to get deep breaths all the time. But every time I went to play tennis, basketball, or workout I felt completely fine. It only happened when I was relaxing. That really worries me and I thought I would die from asthma or some lung desiese.( I've never had asthma before so I was even more nervous because I didn't have an inhaler) once I got back to Michigan I started to feel better but then just a couple days ago I'm started to feel like I'm sick again or going to die. Really worried and want help. Some symptoms I've experienced are chest discomfort, light headedness, and just scared all the time. On Tuesday I worked out for about 6-7 hours with a combination of track, lifting, and basketball, hoping that all the aching in feeling right know is from that. I know that god is watching over all of us but I really would benefit from some tips on what to do.

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Logan, you've had your heart checked out thoroughly and they say it's fine. So you're not dying, you're not going to have a heart attack and there's no reason to believe you have asthma. I would say that you pulled a muscle in your chest and because you're active in sport it hasn't healed up properly. You're also a bit over anxious about your health.

So relax, stay cool and stop worrying unnecessarily. If you're still not sure about anything talk to your parents about it and/or discuss it with your doctor. But when your doctor tells you there's nothing to worry about believe what they say and just get on with your life but maybe 6 or 7 hoursphysical training is too much until the muscle strain in your chest heals up.


Dear Logan,

First, congratulations on your athletic accomplishments and ability. And that you have a specialist in heart health who tested and stated your heart is the envy of most of us....It's actually documented now that you have actual "athletic heart."

So use your athletic lungs now and take a deep breath and try to move your focus away from the idea that something about your heart is causing you pain. Easier said than done, eh? Well, dwelling on that idea appears to be causing you anxiety.

Anxiety feeds on your worry about "what might be wrong", and the more anxiety you have, the more

you are going to worry.

Your chest and torso have many muscles that can cause soreness, etc., particularly since you are so extremely active in high-intensity athletic workouts. (If you had lung problems, believe me, you would know it.) The tenser you get, the more your muscles are going to react to that, then the discomfort gets worse and your anxiety kicks in, and the cycle repeats itself. Stop the cycle.

Check with your coach or GP about how you feel, or some else you trust that is also an athlete.

One thing else, only once did you mention you felt "sick", but I didn't know if you meant you were anxious, in pain or what? Maybe you can clarify that or talk to your coach or MD about that.

Logan, this may be the first time you have felt pain like this, and aren't used to it. I am older than you and believe me, we all get new pains that sometimes come and go all through life.

Wishing you a very long and healthy life. Just don't let this occurrence start an anxiety problem. Relax and let go.(And remember to eat bananas...our year round competitive swimmers your age need them as their leg bones are growing faster than the ligaments can keep up) :)


What it sounds to me like, if I read it correctly is a possible change in altitude that could be bothering you or you're beginning to have anxiety or panic attacks which are basically the same things. See a doctor about that. A counselor, MFT, or a psychologist who can help you work through them and why they are happening to you now in your life. Good luck.


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