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Hi I have been on citropram for a while last few weeks been horrible had suicidefeeling and intrusive thoughts went to gp atyou a&e and he said I'm not at high risk so spokeasy to my gp n got given escitropram which is supposedto be better the thing is take it nowyou body feels like it's on fire on the inside and having the thoughts still not my body feels floppy like and all light now I'm not a light person so I know I was wondering if anyone is on escitropram and how they find it for them I don't want to start acting on the thoughts with these new meds


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  • heather27, I have found it to be the best medicine I've ever been on with no side effects. Have been on it for about 5-6 years now. I hope it's as good for you as it has been for me. Good Luck

  • That good to hear glad u found something that helps us the side effects at the minuteare ok it's just I seem to have bad intrusive thoughts so u can imagine new medication heads going to be everywhere over thinking and that as the intrusive thoughts are kinda new to me trying to figure a way of handling them in a good way

  • Hi Heather, my only advice would be to please keep in touch with your doctor as often as you think you need to... and be totally honest and upfront...I don't mean exaggerate your symptoms but tell him/her exactly what you feel like. Citalopram is turning out to NOT be the drug for me... Some people really seem to like it and it helps them very much. Not my story, however. We are all SO very individual... (I think we are talking about the same drug! )

    Just keep working closely with your dr. Best wishes to you, Heather.

  • Hi Heather, I was put on citalopram for suspected anxiety, took my first 20mg before i went to bed and when I got to work in the morning i suddenly went all faint and dizzy and my stomach and chest were painful all day, not having that stuff again don't care what doc says

  • I'm am currently on escitropram

  • Lexapro worked great for me. I was on it for almost 15years on and off. It finally pooped out last year and I have switched to Zoloft. The hardest part is getting through the start up side effects. Stay strong and good luck!

  • When anyone started escitropram did they feel easily annoyed at the smallest thing if so does it ease or am I going to have to change meds again

  • Well the citropram worked for me for over a year then the last month after I took it in was having intrusive thoughts so doc put me on ESCITROPRAM took my first 1 last night didn't sleep much n had a few panic attacks woke hyperventilating this morning n feel asleep for an hr woke back up feeling panicky I'm worried incase these make me suicidal my husband is on them n he's fine with them n says I won't end up suicidal because I'm don't know if I want to be as ppl who are havemployed it planed out and my doctor also says the same thing I was wondering if I am able to take it earlier today and not at the time I did yesterday do u think that would be ok

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