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Hi guys

Hope you are all well. I am a newbie on this forum, but am an oldie on others. I need your help and advice if possible please. The advice is about my young teenage daughter.

My daughter at the present time is seeing a cognitive behavioural therapist at CAHMS. She has undergone autism testing on 3 separate occasions (keep getting told she doesn't fit the criteria - ahem disagree - personally think she has Aspergers,but hey that is just me and my entire family). She was discharged from Paediatrics and transferred to CAHMS - they stated that they were unable to diagnose her as she is so complicated!

My daughter suffers with extreme anxiety that impacts everything in her life. It has become worse since starting high school she cannot seem to cope with the smallest thing. There is a big issue that she HEARS 2 voices - 1 nice, 1 nasty - she hears them all the time, when she is calmer they are quieter and more manageable, but when she is stressed they argue and the nasty one scares the wits out of her - he calls her names, swears at her and tells her to do stuff - like scream and hit my other children. She explodes with anger at the drop of a hat (Jekyll and Hyde) and depending on the severity she remembers very little, she can be very violent at times. The voices never go away but do go quieter. She has a lot of panic attacks, and does not always know the triggers - some are crowds, noises, etc. she picks at her skin a lot and is constantly losing weight. I am worried about her constantly.

The reason I am asking for help is that CAHMS keep telling me and her that SOME people with anxiety do experience hearing voices? Quite a few family members have had and still have anxiety issues and have had nervous breakdowns but they have never heard voices. Her uncle (dad's brother) does hear voices - he has bipolar disorder and other problems and he is just like my daughter.

My daughter is due to start having sessions with a CPN - psychiatric nurse soon!

My question is does anybody here with anxiety hear voices? Is it something more than anxiety?

Why would she be seeing a CPN if it is just anxiety?

I know you may not be able to help and I understand that you are not professionals as in psychologists, but any advice would be gratefully appreciated. Thank you for reading.


Esky x


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  • I'm so sorry about your daughter. I can imagine how hard it is for her and you. As for me, I have never heard anyone with anxiety hear voices. You are doing right to get her some help. The sessions with the psychiatrist nurse should be helpful. I also think it is important that she knows about the family history regarding anxiety and bipolar history. This information Will be something the CPN needs to know. I will pray for your daughter.

  • Thank you for your reply. Im just worried sick becausw she is not coping at all. Fingers crossed we will get somewhere. Thank u again x

  • Hi

    I am not a psychiatrist, but I am a psychotherapist of 30 years standing, specialising in cognitive behaviour therapy.From my own experience I can tell you that I have never come across a case of someone who can be placed on the autistic spectrum hearing voices. Not unless there were additional problems at least. Normally when we are told that someone is hearing voices our first port of call would be to look at one of the schizophrenias. Some of the behaviours you describe would fit into the autism spectrum, other not. The problem is that we become rigid in defining human conditions. In the end, a psychiatrist will have to make the determination for diagnosing schizophrenia, if that turns out to be the illness. There is a particular form of schizophrenia that affects young people called hebephrenia, also called disorganised schizophrenia. One of the symptoms, a complete lack of emotion, can be mistaken for autism. I do not know your daughter and everything I have said here is simply an opinion. The psychiatric nurse may be useful in that she/he may be able to build a relationaship with your daughter which can help to determine what is really happening. Tell the CPN your observations and worries concerning your daughter, and also any family history of mental health issues. I am sorry not to have been of more help. I wish you and your daughter well.

  • Thank you kdavid you have helped with your expertise and opinion. I will keep in mind everything you have said. I am grateful for your help and advice, it means a lot. Thank u. Hugs Esky x

  • You are very welcome. Dont hesitate to get in touch if you want to.

  • ive suffered anxiety for over 35 years and have never heard voices, I have to agree with kdavid and keep putting your point forward i wish you both well and hope you get an answer quickly for your daughter, so the correct treatment can be given, bless her she must be terrified, big hug for you both xxx mandy

  • Thank u xxx

  • I think the bi polar route is the one to follow and also telling the consultant about your family history. Good luck. It all sounds an awful lot for you and your daughter to cope with. Demand, underlined, to get this diagnosed. Good luck.

  • Thank u xxx

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