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Anxiety is powerless without a reaction !

Hello everyone! I haven't been on in a while I've been seeing a therapist however I haven't seen her in a month but before starting my therapy I actually feel like I was making improvements on my own . Determined to do this without medication. Although I had minor setbacks every now and then The setback that I had this past week has actually been a pretty tough one . Because of my blank mind I couldn't remember what I did before to get out of my anxious state simple things can be triggers for me however I try to except my feelings as they come but sometimes my mind just draws a blank . I went back to seeking reassurance in a paranoid state of mind . The place I went to is really dark and I dislike being there so much I realize that I do have a lot to work on . I'm trying my hardest. But it all boils down to how we react to the anxiety . anxiety is powerless without a reaction from us even though it may seem so hard to do and I haven't quite mastered it myself I find it somewhat easier to bring myself out of the anxious state once I can reason with myself and realize that it does not deserve a reaction because my thoughts are not real they are not my reality . I have become so sensitized that I can feel everything station in my body. Normal things that happened to me turn into a bigger issue they turn into me dwelling on a symptom making it last longer and get worse . The fight is not over for me yet ! But as I stand here today I can tell you I will not be like this forever I refuse to be ! What a life to live so much beauty! Yet my anxiety sees me dying of an illness that simply does not exist inside of me . Stay strong everyone! Thoughts and prayers are with all worriers fighting the invisible fight within ourselves ❤️

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Strongs to you too.

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I'm getting through it without anxiety meds too.


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