Can't seem to enjoy anything without getting anxiety

This has been an issue for a while. No matter where I am i have a really hard time keeping my mind off how I'm feeling. Tonight when u went to a concert I took 2 .5 klonopin beforehand and I was fine for the first hour of the concert then my mind started having obsessive thoughts... 

This makes me feel depressed and irritated. 


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  • I'm so sorry that you are having a bad time with your anxiety, I've had it for many years now and yes it's still here.  I wanted to ask a few questions if you don't mind but would like your permission first???

  • Sure. You csn message me if you want

  • First question would be at what age did your anxiety start? Have you ever been or went to er? The worst anxiety attack you ever had did you have more than three different symptoms?

  • What obsessive thoughts x

  • Hello, sorry your suffering so badly. I do sympathise. I have the same thing and it's horrid. I try to keep busy, to stop the constant thoughts going round in my head. Today I have that sinking feeling which makes me feel lonely and anxious. The sun is out and I'm trying to be positive, not  easy! You don't mention your age? Did something in your life trigger this? Feel free to offload as it helps. 

  • I'm 21. Back in 2014 I got involved with a bad guy and I remember waking up one morning so disoriented to the point I thought his cousin was him. I had my first huge panic attack at his house...

  • I had panic attacks when I was about 24, after my heart went AFIB (heart arrhytmia). I have my whole story at:

    One of the biggest lessons for me was that I do not have to accept every thought that comes into my mind, especially the panic/anxiety thoughts. I see it as if I arrest the thought, look at it, examen it and then deside if i'm going to take it or not. 

    If I don't like the thought I "arrest" it and take it out of my mind.

    I know it sounds weird, but it has worked for me. Try it.

  • What a Great idea..going to try this to see if it me.

  • all this anxiety and mad thinking thoughts in your head mind you can get rid of it all all meds peeps you see about it cant really help its you that has to do it your self for your self it took me a year to to but i did it im on no meds or crazy thinking cors i know now that it is not real and just load s**t now i had every think you name it that felt so real sweats shakes fast hart thinking going to die il tel you what our mind is so power full that it loves to trick mess with you more panic you get the more the brain laps it all up its v.v.hard to get rid of but it can be dun got rid of i have and il tell you what your be so happy full life no anxiety probs any more when do just not got to give up peeps that have never had it will never ever know what or how it fills to have it every day or night when try to explain it to some one that never has sjmp thay dont know and never will and remeber this your not mad or crazy far from it ok its just anxiety all in the mind you just have to stop thinking the worse it will not happen ok its just the thinking you have to deal with that is prob that leads to the next things the simptens you get cors yer thinking its real cors it fills so so real when get them things there not ok just your mind playing games with you well i hope it help some people reading this all you can do is try and try and not give up your get there when i dont know thats for you to do say ok good luck keep at it :-)

  • Hello Katie..You sound just like me..if you want to contact me sometime..I would love to talk to you.

  • I don't really enjoy anything either. It's 

  • I am the same way but I've found one thing that seems to work... I give myself a "break" from stressing on my anxiety.  I just tell myself I'm going to give myself the next couple hours off of thinking about my health.  I'll still notice my symptoms but I tell myself I can start stressing again at a certain time.  It works sometimes.....  I hope you start enjoying life again soon.  I feel for you😔

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