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Worried about health and stress

Hi guys, not feeling too great at the moment.

A part of me doesn't really have a clue what's going on with me, and the other part is trying to work it out without falling into a spiral of health anxiety. I'm in the middle of final year essays, but can't concentrate very much at all at the moment because of my mental health, and right now, I'm suffering from the worst menstrual cycle I've had in a long time and have a terrible sleep pattern because of it. I've rarely had many problems in the past, and have been able to mostly get on with life with a painkiller or two. I don't quite know how or why it's gotten worse lately, but I've felt so fatigued and close to fainting on and off over the past few days, and over the last few months I've been feeling close to fainting more times than should be the case - in showers, when out and about, when standing up too quickly/walking around too quickly.

I don't know what is up with me - is it just stress and anxiety making me feel physically worse? Because I've been dealing with anxiety and depression for years now, and besides sometimes having tiny moments of passing out during panic attacks, I rarely have had fainting fits in relation to my mental health issues.

I'm not sure what it could be - anaemia? reproductive issues? just a lot of stress and fatigue? something wrong with my head/lungs/body? It's starting to worry me but I don't want to end up going to the doctors and them not being able to do anything besides say 'oh it's just a bit of period pain it'll be fine'.

Could anyone give me some advice about what to do? I'm worried now and I know that it's just going to make me more anxious than I should be right now. I was doing a decent job of keeping on top of things but right now I feel like this physical low has knocked me for six.

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