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Wanting to be positive

Happy Sunday everyone! This week has been a tough one for me. I had severe anxiety with nausea, stomach aches, rapid heart beat, shaky hands, etc. It led me to go to the ER. I wasn't sure if it was the new medicines I was on. My psychiatrist saw me and switched up a few medicines so that I can relax enough to get out of my house and start fixing my anxieties. Today, I have nothing to do, no responsibilities, I can just lay in bed and relax (not as easy as it sounds). But I woke up and felt sick and noticed my heart was racing. I have since talked myself out of that "panic attack" but am still dealing with the nausea and haven't been able to eat or sleep.

Thanks to some of you on this site, I have had moments of hope. I'm trying not to stress myself out with the worries of having a Dr's appt tomorrow and having to go back to work in a few days. I wish I didn't have to deal with all of this and I was able to just live my life life my family and friends, but unfortunately, I was not dealt that set of cards in my life.

I was happy that I got over whatever "panic attack" I had this morning and it gives me hope that I can do it again if I ever needed to. Even though I'm still not 100%, I want so badly to feel better that I want that to be the force I need to get better.

I want other people on here to know that you're not alone. And even though I'm not better yet, I believe that maybe one day I'll be back to "normal". Don't get me wrong, some days are unbelievably hard and I feel hopeless. But I would like for today to not be that day for me and for anyone reading this. Best wishes!

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Thanks Kaitlin16 for leaving that incredibly positive post. You are like a ray of sunshine which we all need. I don't doubt at all that you will one day be back to "normal". One day soon that is. :)

You've got the right attitude and mind set. How lucky we are to have you as part of the forum

Keep smiling, you're a delight! x


Hi Kaitlin thank you for sharing your positive attitude ,we all have good and bad days with our anxiety and we all need to be reminded that we can move forward and let the anxiety/panic wash over us .accept all what comes our way and look forward to the future.


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