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Blood clot worries

I'm desperately scared I have a blood clot, I've been getting this nagging pain in my calf for weeks which doesn't seem to want to go away. It's not as bad as it was at the start, but it comes and goes. I don't think I've injured myself, I went to a&e about 3 weeks ago and they did some tests to check for signs of PE too which is a blood clot of the lungs and the EKG was normal, a chest xray which didn't really show anything and some blood tests. I had a pressure feeling on my lungs and felt like I was getting palpitations. I returned again a week later even more concerned and they did another blood test which was normal and the doctor said that I don't need to worry as it'll be my asthma. My lungs feel worse, I'm couching, feel like I'm getting palpitations, feel as if I'm getting shortness of breath but it's like chest tightness. I'm scared I'm going to be one of those misdiagnosed and I'll drop dead any second. I'm terrified, I can't live like this I know but I'm debating whether to return to the doctor in the morning as I have been suffering from bad chest pain due to all the coughing. My wells risk for blood clot was -2, but I'm just terrified due to stories I've read about people's experiences of false negatives and they died or nearly died. Help :'( I'm not at any risk of getting a clot and that's the only positive I have to hold onto.

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Surely you realise that all measures to evaluate your risk of blood clot have been done and are reassuring. The more you worry the worse you will get. Try and put it behind you


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