Crappy feeling today

Yesterday I was extremely dizzy especially when I lied down, went to the doc and he said since I've got a cold that it's normal to feel dizzy while sick cause of ear crystals and bla bla bla it was weird but they said it's normal. So then today i feel like Im extremely anxious because of the dizziness yesterday I was experiencing. I feel awful cause my sister is in town from Out of state and I'm at home lying down when I shoul be visiting her. But I'm extra figity today 😥😥 maybe I just needed to vent a little. It's just so unfair that all this happens to us. Ugh.


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  • Sounds like a virus and should settle in a few days. You'l make it all worse if you get angry about it though

  • I try to stay positive. Just hard sometimes ya know

  • If its hard to stay positive when you get a cold. I don't know how you'll cope with more major issues.

  • Nooooo i meant I'm having anxiety cause I'm scared I'll get the dizziness again and Ive never felt that was so I'm freaking out cause I'm scared it'll happen again.

  • count yourself lucky if you've not had dizziness before. At worst it may last up to 2 weeks, but more likely it willsettle in a afew days

  • Sorry you're having a hard time. I'm praying for u to feel better.

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