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Headache for a week ?

I've had a headache for a week straight that feels kinda like a tension headache mixed with an ice pick headache and it really concerns me because I have a fear of a brain tumour ?? I never usually get headaches which is also really concerning me and my headache doesn't seem to fit into any categorie of type of headache which is also really scary It has also lasted for a week ?? Is this normal ?? It's really painful and I just want it to go away My other symptoms are

- blurry vision


-smelling things that aren't there



-memory problems

-mixing/slurring my words.

I went to the doctor at the start of this week about the smelling things that aren't there and the dizziness and I said to her that I was scared about a brain tumour she gave me a nuerlogical test and said there was nothing wrong with me and referred me to a psychologist. I also got my eyes tested and he didn't say anything about a tumour. I'm just really worried because I didn't tell the doctor about the headaches or nausea that are there from when I wake up until I go to sleep and seem to be getting worse ?? Do you think I have a brain tumour ?? I'm so scared

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sarah4856, I was there once years ago. It seemed if it wasn't a tension headache, it was a migraine. It felt like one continuous head pain. It came from stress and over tensed neck and shoulder muscles. Hydration was important as well as using heat pak on neck. I did biofeedback for pain control, hypnosis, physical therapy and meditation. I was told about not taking pain relievers for these kind of headaches (muscle contraction) or it would go into rebound headaches. I saved the prescription pain reliever for the Migraines which were more sporadic.

It's funny I never once thought of a brain tumor, never the less it still was scary. I knew I had to change my life style, my response to stress. Doing the same, you may be able to cut down on the number of headaches you get. Just know that there is medication that your doctor can give you to prevent daily headaches. My best to you x

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I had this a while ago,i had a constant headache from the back of my head,round the left side,and in my eye.bright lights hurt,i felt really sick and the only thing that eased it was to lay in thr dark with sunglasses on.i was back and forth to the docs who gave me all manner of tablets.i ended up in a+e and they gave me a ct scan,everything was doc put me on amitriptyline and within a few days it was gone.she said it was tension,chronic daily headaches.i know its hard not to worry when youre in excrutiating pain.take care.xx


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