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Can anxiety be handled different with different people?

I was wondering what anyone thought about how we handle our anxiety, fears or panic disorders with the different people we know? For example, how do you behave, interact with, cope, what happens, etc when your with your parents, your children, your partner, at work or a leisure activity? Say they all know what you suffer from but how do you behave when you are with them? Differently from one another or the same? OR do you avoid certain people you know depending on how well you know them or what your relationship is like? and so on.............

Any comments would be most helpful x

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That's a good question. With people I know well, I can relax and feel no tension because there's familiarity and a sense of safeness. With other people (especially those with drama issues) I stay clear since that would raise stress levels that I don't need.

The important thing here is to be yourself, have confidence even if you don't feel it, because whatever you think about who you are, you deserve a feeling of well-being and NO ONE has any right or force to diminish your spirit.


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