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High profile people suffering with anxiety /depression

I'm sure there must be some, i was interested to know of any high profile people who suffer with anxiety/ depression, I.e pop stars , actors etc, was thinking how hard it must be for them trying to get that time away when you need it.....

Thank you


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well there are just as many famous people suffer as us mormal people :-D

To name a few

Robbie Williams

Davis Bowie

Halle Berry

Angelina Jolie

Dolly Parton

Kyle Minogue

Barbara Streisand

Ruby Wax

There are so many , I think this illness has no age or status bounderies...for all we no one of them could be on the site ;-) but doubt it

Wouldnt suggest googling normally but if you are interested to find out more you could on this one


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Robbie Williams !! I shouldn't be shocked but I am at some of these names, I'm sure these people do but they could help greatly if they are prepared to highlight it, maybe they do and I have just not noticed....thank you for thatWhyWhy it's very interesting, and somehow helps to make you feel better, when you know these people are loved, respected and talented by their fans and they have problems just like us.....

If one of them is on the site please do make contact with me I would love to hear from you ....hee hee :)

Thanks again Why Why I'm off to google now to see if any of them have spoken openly about it......xx

Hi sleepless, I hear you want me to contact you lol I'm a celebrity get me out of here, is what I say to myself everyday while trying to get out of my house :-) xxx

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Haha that made me laugh out loud.....thank you for making contact it's real good to hear from high profile people !! ;p

Have a lovely day !!! Xxx

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Cookster seems on Top form today with her humour :-D

Love this side of you hun & sorry didnt realise I have been talking to a celeb ;-)


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Yes she does why why !! Funny...

:) xx

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Well now you do, so mind your manners lol, :-p . IN MY MIND. I'm deluded is all but the first sign of healing is recognising the problem xxx

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Right I need to get to the deluded bit then ;-)

Do you think I am nearly there or have i got a while to go yet , i am trying


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Yes we will have to watch ourselves around you now hahah...hope your day has been a good one....appreciate all my friends on here I do ..thank you xxx

Peter Andre on TV cried and said he had gone through the most awful panic and anxiety I guess it can hit any of us but its easier when one is in a position to have extra care and company, on the other hand its not easy when they have to put on a good face all the time. cotonroad

peter andre suffers anxiety/panic attacks, catherine zete jones had bi polar, fern cotton has social anxiety, louie spence currently suffers with health anxiety and agrophobia in the past..........its quite shocking really how many of them actually do. what scares me the most is when you hear on the news things like how brittany murphy unexpectedly dies at like 30 and just happens to be on god knows how many depression and anxiety pills, its never a good idea to take to much and mix too many. whittney houston was also on a cocktail of these drugs, there life syle must be sooooo stressful. one of the members from the girl group the saturdays was in the last year admitted to hospital for depression.......i could go on and on. its a scary world but at least we know its not just us minions:) xxxxx

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Yes it's all interesting to me...xx

Yes I forgot about Peter Andre ...dont no how I managed that as I do like him ;-)

Yes he has suffered really bad , he used to always have a paper bag with him to blow in to ...think he still has them now & again but not often , he does an itv2 show & sometimes it gets mentioned , starts again this week


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Must watch the show, I like him he's great with his kids.......to me it's kinda reassuring to know these people suffer bless them though its not easy at all xxxx

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Me to , it starts this thursday ITV2 at 9 o,clock


Winston Churchill suffered from very bad depression and referred to it as his 'black dog' which I thought was a great name.

Lots of sports people seem to suffer from it too. I watched a brilliant film with the cricketer Andrew Flintoff talking so openly with various team mates about his struggles and the problems they'd had. It was very moving and inspiring. Seem to remember Sandra posting a piece about Ian Thorpe (the Olympic swimmer) too.

I guess no-one is immune. Anxiety is no respector of money or status.xx

The list is endless, I'm afraid. Apart from the afore-mentioned, Vivien Leigh, actress; Peter Sellers, Spike Milligan, Stephen Fry-now I've started this I can't remember the rest!- have all suffered from manic-depression ( as bi-polar used to be called). Apparently it goes with creativity. I used to be a musician and writer, so can identify with this.

Just remembered Tony Hancock as well!

Thank you guys for the info,

It may sound crazy but it really helps me to know these people suffered with anxiety/depression, as one of my main issues is telling people, and it kinda helps me to know that a lot of the high profile people do still carry on and have people's respect even when they have let people know of their illness, I have every respect for them, I just don't think I can do it, it would make me feel too vulnerable with most people, but sometimes think at least if people new it would take some pressures off.....

It's interesting who the people are and it's good to know

Sue xx

Einstein, Van Gogh, some of the King Georges, Shakespeare, and even Jesus himself, on occasions - but with very good reasons. The list really is endless and most of them are talented and intelligent. xxxxx

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Yes that is what is most interesting to me, the talented. Intelligent ones,

Thank you



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