Health Anxiety: Kidney?

Hello, I'm new here but have found reading everyone's post very helpful, so thank you.

For two months I have been experiencing transient bladder pain (similar to a uti), and got it into my head that something is wrong with my kidneys. I have been to the urgent care a few times, and have not been diagnosed with any utis. I was referred to a urologist last week who told me my symptoms are most likely kidney stones.

Of course this scared the heck out of me, and sure enough I started experiencing terrible back pain all week--enough to send me to the ER on Sunday. They did a CT scan at the hospital and didn't find any kidney stones.

Now I'm scared that something else is wrong with me, or that they missed the kidney stones in the scan. I'm so afraid all the time and feel guilty for leaning so heavily on my family. I want to feel safe and whole again. I feel so desperate and hopeless that this is just my life now.

Thanks for listening.


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5 Replies

  • But you've had the tests done and given the all clear. This is all health anxiety. Your brain is telling you lies. get out of your head and into your life --- Not easy I know, but you must do this

  • Thank you for your reply. You're right and I'm trying.

  • I have health anxiety like you. I started having shoulderblade/ chest pain couple months ago and of course thought it was my heart. I had ekg and stress test which came back negative. I had episodes after that where all I wanted to do is run to the ER but I kept telling myself to trust the doctors and did some deep breathing and this helped. My symptoms may be related to GI so I am getting that checked out as well, It sounds like u are doing the right thing of getting things checked out by dr but you must trust in the tests and what they say or you will drive yourself crazy. Anxiety does crazy things to the body and we must accept that. I am trying everything in my powe to treat this anxiety and hopefully the physical symptoms will improve as well.

  • Thanks for your reply, sounds like you've had some scary stuff to deal with too! You're right about it only being our silly brains playing tricks, I'm just having a hard time putting the brakes on this spiral.

  • Me too! Especially since treating a physical illness is usually easier than treating a mental one!

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