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Hi ,I went to gp last week with a relapse in my health anxiety,I get scared if I have something wrong with me its cancer ,the nurse was there as I had an examination,went back today,for a follow up appointment with gp and she said o the nurse passed the comment she's had her five the day,now am I wrong in feeling this was totally out of order,I was to gobsmacked to say anything ,now I feel worse than ever


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8 Replies

  • I suffer bad health anxiety too :( I fear als x

  • It's not good is it

  • No, I have been at ER 13 times since Christmas I live in constant fear

  • I'm usually to scared to go but had to so have been put back on CITALOPRAM 20 mg and two weeks of sleeping pills as I can't sleep and I'm shattered,and an appointment for physlogy ,fingers crossed I get a sleep tonight,and yes it's the fear that gets us ,it's an awful condition

  • My life evolves round it I ofteen wonder if it will actually stop x

  • I know ats what I wonder,begining to think it's here to stay :( x

  • I suffer like this.

    Fear of passing out and fear of dying. Thr doctors just look at you while you self destruct, it's hard from them to realise the hardness it has on you.

  • I also have this fear too. And so scared for my children. I have finally plucked up the courage to go back to the doctor on Tuesday of next week. I find it very awkward to talk about. How does everybody else say how they are feeling?! Do you just come out and say it..... I'm so worried I can't even write about it properly as I am too afraid to actually read the words...

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