Acid reflux/gerd

Just wondering if anyone's ever had something similar/symptoms. so normally I get it quite bad with a bit of chest pain and I'm constantly and I mean CONSTANTLY burping and bubbling in my chest. But today I've had quite a bad day. I was just wondering around the house earlier and started to get a hirbrle pain (sort of half way between my breastbone and the bottom of my neck) it felt like it was spreading out and became really severe so I immediately took myslef to the doctors. They checked me over, pulse/heart/lungs all fine she said it wasn't cardio related and probably acid. Had anyone ever had pain this severe? I honestly thought it was my heart. I've just been sat all day as I'm scared to move around and kick it off again. It's caused time to go into some sorry of weird anxious state. I'm taking meds for acid but they're not touching it, anyone in the same boat? Would be great to here from you?!


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  • Hi. Have prescribed any medication for reflux. I had simular systopms which was brought on by my other meds. However acid reflux is also linked to anxiety.

  • A few times when I ended up in the ER, they told me it was GERD. OTC meds and usually while I was there they gave me this special stomach cocktail of meds to drink. I changed my diet pretty significantly so that its not so severe and I am no longer on meds. I now realize it was ALL related to anxiety but I do not get the burning chest pain. Take care my friend.

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