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Relationship and anxiety and depression

I'm getting tried of boyfriend. He send me through unnecessary B.S. all the time. I'm trying to learn ways to cope so I can stop drinking. Him on the other head drink everynight none stop than start talking crazy to me. I can't stand it and I'm thinking about letting him go for good. Because he's not helping me he's making my life a living Hell.

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You shouldn't have to "cope" with anything when it comes to relationships.

I guess the first thing you need to do is ask yourself what you think a relationship should be.

Secondly you should, if you haven't already, be communicating your problems with your partner.

As with any friendship you should be around the people who you want to be spending time with, people who support you and build you up, not break you down.

Relationships aren't sunshine and blue skies 100% of the time. Everyone has their disagreements but the best thing you have is communication.

It's all down to you really but you'll know in your heart what's really right for you.

Good luck !


Thank u Dave, I wish I wasn't so depented of other's. Been with this person for 15year's and i change everything about myself and he havent change nothing about himself. Guess is time to walk away


run faster than your little legs can carry you. zthis is YOUR life not his.

Take care of yourself, noone HAS to have a boyfriend, but you HAVE to be happy. it only gets worse with time. If he is too controlling seek help in letting him go.


Is time for me to start loving myself and doing things that make me happy and thank u


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