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So I'm just coming down from an anxiety attack. I always feel like it's the end. I've been doing so good lately but idk. I was meditating and I felt sleepy afterwards so I relaxed on the couch and dosed off. I had a slight headache as my cycle should be beginning in a couple of days (tmi) so this is normal. But anyways I woke up out of my sleep feeling too relaxed and dizzy, my legs were numb (probably from sitting on them while meditating and then lying down right after) but anyways I also felt like I was in dream and this weird spasm thing happened from like my ears temple and head when I took my glasses back off. It was the feeling you get when you raise your eyebrows but it happened like 3 times in a row by itself. I can tell my Hubby is getting tired of this also because I was nothing like this when we met. He said I'm starting to scare him.


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  • Hello...anxiety and panic attacks are no fun are they. How are you doing today? Were you feeling more like yourself? How is your husband doing?

    Sounds like you have a physician treating you for some health reason...have you been able to talk to the doctor about your anxiety and that your husband is worried?

    Talking with the right person about your anxiety and perhaps with the proper mediation for you, you could be feeling more in control and your husband less worried.

    My spouse is concerned for me, but my anxiety,panic, depression with nightmares don't frighten him any more. It's day by day, I see a therapist once a month and taken medication that helps. My husband understands now that I have a chronic condition. He accepts that and we take it one day at a time. Some days are much better than others...just like any other health condition.

    We're here for you and encourage you to write if you want someone to listen and share. Ok? Hope to hear from you again soon.

  • Hello, no fun at all lol. Well I just tried to go back to sleep and I was startled out of my sleep again but this time I feel something Is blocking my chest which may very well be gas. But it's currently only 1025 pm where I am so I'm going to try to go back to sleep. My husband is worried because I'll stay in the house all day if I don't have anything to do and he wanted us to go out tonight but I didn't go, I stayed home. We used to go out together all the time so it's worrying him. I've talked about it to my GP, met with a therapist and I have a psych evaluation coming up. I'm glad to hear you're getting the proper care to hopefully one day see the improvements you're hoping for.

  • It's about 9 a.m. here and I just turned on my computer after taking care of the dog and cat (and me.)

    You sound as though you have a good plan. Information is a very valuable tool, and the evaluation and testing hopefully will answer some questions and give direction for your care. Getting out of the house can be difficult, but important. But staying home is more comfortable as it is your "safe place". (I really can identify with that!)

    Thanks for asking about me.Last week or so have been on a steady keel, but have moments when I want to just curse. But that's a situation I've had for years. An important thing for me is a notebook I keep in the kitchen where each page is one day's record. I put in the time I take my meds (per MD rx) and what I eat. Makes me accountable to myself. I am losing weight slowly on purpose. I am not obese, but 30lbs too much and that can lead to diabetes, etc. So I am eating healthier.

    Sometimes I don't want to really leave the house, and there are days I just don't if I think I should not drive, etc., because I feel a bit"funky"...

    But most of the time I plan a reason to get out each day, and just do it. It may be just a few blocks walk with my service dog to the grocery store and carry back just one bag of items we need. That means I go back later with the car to get the rest...which maybe the next day. lol

    Is your testing coming up soon?

  • I hope you are feeling better!

  • Thank You!

  • I have had anxiety off and on for years.but there is help out there I didn't find the GP helpful so I have been learning how to calm myself down by changing my thoughts ,so when I get anxious and feel panicky I tell my self I'm not in danger its just a rush of adrenalin and it will soon pass.or if I'm lying in bed trying to get to sleep and my mind is racing I say to myself stop !!! This is time to sleep far so good.I wish you all a speedy recovery.

  • Thank You. Sometimes I can talk myself down but then there's times when I'm all over the place lol.

  • I know its not always easy but keep telling yourself you can do it.I find breathing in holding it for 4 seconds then breathing out slowly helps me to calm down.

  • Perfect. Thank You for such positivity. I know one day this will pass.

  • Sometimes when my anxiety has been bad for the day or ive had a couple of days of bad anxiety i get twitches. When i finally do get to sleep i will twitch sometimes to the point it wakes me . I know it is a symptom of anxiety and it only happens when i have a really bad spell and then finally get mentally relaxed. Also i know it can be tough for spouses . Mine knew about it going in but since august past my anxiety has been really bad and even he has been worried from time to time but i have a pretty good handle on it. Try getting him educated on it there are lots of books and websites. Hope things get better soon love !

  • Thank You. I really don't want to introduce him to anxiety too much. He's from Senegal and they don't know about anxiety and etc. He's understanding and tries his best. I'm going to fight it and stay in high hopes lol.

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