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Just want someone to understand how it feels

Not quite sure if this will work or if anyone will respond. I have bee suffering severely for the past 6 months. Strange globus sensation in my throat is how it started and now anytime i think about something important, or do Day tasks I notice a tightening in my chest that's accompanied by slight pain, twitching in my leg muscles and now I've started to clench my teeth during the day, without noticing. Has anyone else ever felt like this before? I don't have health insurance and seeing a dr. Is a hard task without it. Any advice would help.

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Hi Clevercant88, it certainly sounds like anxiety has taken hold of you. What happened 6 months ago that may have prompted this to surface? Anxiety is a mind/body connection issue so that when our mind tells us something is wrong, our body reacts to it physically. The globus sensation if defined would be "an issue in your life that's hard to swallow" See the correlation? The muscles tighten and produce this feeling. Same with the tightening in the chest wall muscles and clentching your teeth trying to deal with the stress you are feeling.

Since we are not doctors, of course it is always best to get a diagnosis for anxiety before assuming that it is. However, it does sound very familiar to what we have all been through.

Take care, keep coming back to the forum for support and understanding. You are not alone.

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Hi.. Yes had all of this .especially the throat thing , slept sitting up for months as my throat would close if I lay down .. Had a permanent lump ., in my early 20s.. I'm now 40 and still here .. Hugely scary .at the time convinced I was dying

. Look into causes .. And look into self help and don't be afraid to ask for help .. 20 years ago there wasn't much about it but today 20 years on its so much easier to talk about and get help as it's been recognised ! Good luck on your journey .

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Sounds like anxiety and acid reflux. Then panic attacks. Gelusil works wonders.


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