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peace of mind?!

had my eyes tested february the 11th and the man said he suspects muscle weakness behind/in one of my eyes ...and that i have a slight lazy eye ..he also said that when he was trying to induce double vision that i shouldn't have seen it so quickly as double vision and that most people last till "8" on the scale thing :/ i'm now panicking and worrying myself sick as he's made me a routine referral to the hospital for the 15th of May 😩😩😩😩also the passed 4 days i've been getting a throbbing feeling at the back of my head on one side in the same

place literally feel like i'm dying 😭😭

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Hi Honey did you go because you have double vision?


hiyaa noo originally went to the GP because my eyes were feeling really dry out of nowhere and like kinda strained / tired and abit dizzy so he told me to go to the opticians so i did 3 days later then opticians reffered me to the hospital for routine referral

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Yeh that's what happened to me and I was told I had a stigmatism in my left eye basically very weak eye and something to do with my cornea.but try not to panic I know it's not so easy but if he thought it was bad he would of had u straight in the hospital he wouldn't of made u a appointment for a routine check.myou problem is because I'm always reading my kindle in the dark and because Imy always on my phone


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