Have a question about feeling weak.

I feel like I'm getting more and more weaker as the days go by. I don't know if its because I've been sitting around for the past three months not really moving a lot, sleeping in a recliner instead of the bed or what my problem is. I know my eating habits have been garbage too...which I've been trying to fix. I ended up having gastritis real bad to where it was painful to eat anything. I can eat now, but I just feel like I have zero energy. It's starting to really stress me out. My anxiety seems like its been a lot lower than normal, so I'm not sure whats going on. Has anyone else ever had this problem? I'm trying to not run off to an urgent care or an ER, but I don't have an appointment with my PCP until next Monday and I don't know that I can make it that long. Every day it seems to be a little worse. I've also started feeling like a tingling at the back of my head. It's not really making me dizzy per say, but its making me not want to really move around a lot either.


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  • I have same symptoms feel weak all the time dizzy sweating trying to eat better and get up walk around more. I'm just so tired I don't want to do anything.The most thing that's bothering me is being so weak lve been to ER had heart echo blood work didn't find anything wrong I think the anxiety is the what's causing all my problems don't know whatever it is I can't stand it much longer don't sleep at night but I can sleep some in the day. Are you taking any medicine?

  • I have ativan though I typically don't take it unless it's a huge emergency. I was given paroxitine to take daily but I'm terrified of the side effects and haven't tried it.

  • I take 2/12 mgs of Xanax divided up through out the day,and 2mgs of Prozac once a day it does help some this being tire is bothering me more than anything else I just can't function.

  • Yeah I know what you mean. I've been on a leave from work for the past 3 months so I'm wondering if the barely moving around has just made me weaker. The anxiety was so bad that I dropped 30 lbs in january too :(

  • I sit to much because I don't feel like doing anything else also I feel like I'm going to faint do you ever feel like you're going to faint?

  • If I sit for super long periods of time and then get up, yes. Not so much if I'm moving around normally.

  • If I don't eat well it makes me feel worse the last few days have been terrible for me I feel like I'm going to faint all the time.

  • That's from the not eating. Gotta make sure you eat and stay hydrated.

  • If you're like me I don't get that hungry.

  • Yeah I don't either. I force myself to eat as often as I can.

  • I take lorazepam as needed that seems to help me some

  • I've been feeling the same thing for few weeks now, I feel like I am getting weaker and weaker every day, especially my left side of the body. In addition to this I have dizziness or the feeling being high...But I started recovering a little bit recently...I was told that I should not sit for too long, so I decided to keep my body moving as much as I can, I go for walks (2 hours per day) and exercise little bit inside my apartment, just basic exercise such as jumping jacks, few times a day, abdominal crunches, squats, wall sit...all these exercises for 30 seconds each few times a day. It is very hard and I feel my body shaking and muscles burning but I still go on....it looks like it is helping me a little bit.

    Not sure if this would work with you, but just try to move as much as you can, try to eat well and I think you will be fine. We will all be fine in the end, just keep encouraging each other's :)

  • Thanks for the encouragement. I'm having an extremely bad episode tonight. Irrational thoughts. Can't go to sleep. I do much better in the daytime when I can stay busy. At 68 it seems harder to get past this time. Just those negative thoughts .

  • Do you ever sweat profusely?

  • Yes but it's more like in my hands and feet.

  • I don't fill weak but to day I have had 3 epashoreds were I fill like I am going to calaps I am trying to find out if I should go to the er

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