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new here and checking in

Hello fine people,

I have been dealing with anxiety and depression for many years now, been on lots of different meds some good some bad (some very bad) but somehow it always sneaks back up on me, as it has again.

Reading some of the posts here made me feel like I found a place to be, so I joined.

Because keeping things to myself or talking to friends who haven’t a clue what I’m going through is getting nowhere, here people may understand more. I look forward to being here.

All the best

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I'm here for the same reason, we all are I guess.

Hope to follow along


Hi I too suffer from anxiety and depression but recently put on Cymbalta 60 mg and it has put it under control. Wishing you well

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Welcome max2017

I also joined as I feel this is a safe place to be, with people going through the same


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Hi max2017, Welcome to the Anxiety Forum. You have found the right place where people understand, comfort and care about each other. My best.


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