Can someone please tell me why feeling ok for months and leaving a rubbish marriage getting new home and seeing an amazing difference in my daughter..everything is settled now why the hell am I now feeling down and anxious. This is what I wanted !! Anxiety cause weird pain and sensations in left chest shoulder and tired all the time and I generally only feel ok when I'm asleep lol.... What's the deal.


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  • Hello

    Of course it is normal to feel down and anxious , you once loved this man , you share a Daughter , you once may have had happy times and gave so many years of your life in trying to make something work , now you have took the huge step to move away from what you tried so hard to make work , this is going to make you feel down and anxious even though it is for the best

    You have to adapt now to your new life , work out who you are etc now you are free and so much more which is all going to put a little pressure on you but how brave are you to recognize something was not working and to move on , very :-)

    Give yourself time , don't beat yourself up for feeling down and anxious while you adapt to this change , tell yourself it is normal to feel this way and it will eventually all settle down again :-)

    I wish you all the best you deserve it :-)

    Take Care x

  • Thank you lulu. You're words are very very kind true and thoughtful.... xxxxx

  • Sometimes we're too busy dealing with the situation we find our selves in, as in your case sorting out a new home plus making sure your daughter is ok. It's a massive thing youve had the courage to do. Now things are calming down a bit you find the anxiety and sadness of what you've been through hitting you. It's ok to feel that way and is normal. It will get better in time once you've prosessed everything and had chance to deal with it all. Enjoy the peace and seeing a much happier little girl 😁 Take care and be happy x

  • Hi there I think it is what happens after the "advent". You have been living on adrenaline and stress and the body does not know how to handle where its at at the moment. Perhaps going on B vitamins and a lot of care of yourself will help. Wishing you well.

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