I went for a private neurologist app yesterday, something started to bother me later that day... was worried that Dr done prick test examination with a used pin.. I did call and the hospital was very adamant that that could never be the case. But i can't help worrying and due to all this anxiety I've started to feel weak in arms and legs again. I keep thinking maybe this weakness is because I've caught something... feeling so down and 100% stressed!!!!!! Please help


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  • lillyparveen, Worse case scenario in that you caught something, it would not appear that quickly. I believe what you are feeling is severe anxiety taking over and making you feel weak in your extremities. Believe me, the hospitals and doctors are very cautious about using sterile instruments and devices, they do not want a law suit. I'm glad you called the hospital but now you need to drop that thought from your mind. It's your anxious mind putting these thoughts in you.

    Breathe lilly....You will be okay.

  • Thank you so much. X

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