Unreal feeling

Hi I am an 18 year old male that was curious about smoking and getting high so when I did smoke with my friend I smoked a joint and did not feel high so then I hit the bong twice and first hit was the one that hit me to the head and then I did another one that was huge my friend said and after I dropped the stuff started coughing and 3 mins started tripping out Worst feeling ever and will never do it again, I have been feeling like everything is unreal for about 3 weeks and I'm still having hope that it will go away because I can't image my life being like this for the rest of my life, after this event I realize all the little small things to appreciate in life knowing that if I recover from this, life would be perfect. I really want to know if people actually do recover from this and this unreal feeling disappears into like "That was the past"?


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  • Hi! I came upon your post and acutally had the same experice you had. I had always smoked pot but one night I hit the bong pretty hard with a friend of mine. It was the worst trip I had ever experienced. I felt like I was freezing from the inside out. This night triggered my anxiety. After that night and weeks later I never felt right. Everything changed. Everything scared me and I worried about everything. I couldn't help bad thoughts coming into my head. I'm 19 and my mom actually made me go to therapy. Not a therapy person and only went twice. But my doctor acutally put me on lexapro which is an anti depressants that helps with anxiety. Unfortunately I wish I could give you hope that it gets better but I'm still not 100 percent better. Although the meds make it easier for me to go through out my day. If you ever want to talk im here! Hopefully everything turns around for you

  • When did u feel this unreal feelings?

  • A couple days after smoking

  • Like u were how old and then it lasted how long?

  • I'm 19 ithappened this past july. It lasted a while but then I started take the meds and its better not 100% but defintley better you. You have to learn with coping

  • Can I call u real quick ?

  • Could we possibly text

  • Yeah I don't feel like pills would help me any different besides make me feel like I'm crazy lol

  • I believe you got to much THC in your system what happens is you can become parionoid and analyze things you never did before . And because of that you brain pays alot of attention to things with your body . And what u were feeling with the unreal feeling is actually it was real only your mind went into depth mode and analyzed it . There is always a reason for anxiety but it's to much adrenaline in our brain to handle all at once so it goes threw our body . And comes out in fears we have or put away like a toxin that needs to come out ..

  • How do u know that?

  • Because I used to smoke weed and I stopped about 18 years ago because all it did was cause me parionya and u do analyze things while high . And also when u have anxiety u analyze to it all stems from fear . The weed exspirence must have triggered that fear in you to come out and make you analyze things more . And anxiety is a unreal feeling . It's scary over whelming u can not die from anxiety . But if it did not make u over analyze things you would not be prob appreciateing the small things .. I used to have panic attacks trust me I know the unreal feelings . But I got educated and that's the best thing u can do . I know why I get my anxiety when it started all that and I have dealt with it . I let it come and let it pass I don't fight it because it gets worse when u fight it . Hope this helps some .

  • Yes it does thank u, so do u feel u are completely focused like u were before?

  • Yes I am I do have anxiety still but I don't have panic attacks anymore . I understand them and except them do I like them no way . But talking helps . And when u get them unreal feelings just know your OK and breath threw them .

  • Yes you can call me anytime

  • Stop the smoking guy its the cause of the illness

  • Just wanted to say hallelujah! I'm 18 years old too and trust me I feel the same exact way ...I'm so happy to hear that someone feels the same way I do. This all happened my senior year went I was peer pressured to smoke weed for the first time. I did it and I had the worst experience of mylife . After that day everything changed , the way I viewed things changed. I was so aware of everything now. My anxiety was so high and it still is , I always feel like I don't know where I am or who I am sometimes. I get scared and feel like I'm trapped and just feel like I can't do anything to stop it. It's honestly the weirdest feeling...I also always feel dizzy and unbalanced. But I know exactly what you mean, but I'm here to tell you that everything is going to be alright. Isn't is crazy that are minds control our body. There's nothing wrong with you it's just your mind. I know it's hard to accep that but it is true. Just breath and try your best to distract yourself. Trust me it's so hard to Do that when all you're thinking about is that traumatizing experience you had. But just have faith and hope, I suggest you get your blood drawn just so you know that everything's okay and you can be more relaxed. I'm here with you buddy , I feel the same . But it all takes time , just stay positive no matter what. And don't take medicine because if you can fight this the natural way then do it that way . That's what I'm doing! Anything is possible(:

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