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Anxiety affecting Dreams

Does anxiety affect anyone's dreams? About twice a week I have this scary dream where all of a sudden my legs stop working, and I become stuck or paralyzed wherever I am. Now In real life I am scared my legs are going to stop working, which I know is ridiculous but as we know with anxiety we can't shake these thoughts. I googled the meaning of this dream and it usually is associated with seeming stuck in a portion of your life, which is also how anxiety makes me feel, stuck.

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I don't know if my anxiety affects my dreams but I do have very very strange dreams. If I worried about the things that happen in my dreams, I'd never stop. don't worry that something will happen to you just because it happened in a dream :) I know that's easier said than done, but dreams are usually connected to something you saw, something you heard, read about, or like you said, they can represent emotional barriers in our lives. but that's all they are. just dreams.


I had a dream that I was having a seizure and woke up with my teeth clenched and "chattering" rapidly. My heart felt like it was going to beat out of my chest! Scared the crap out of me but I don't know if it was necessarily anxiety related.

At the time I was on the tail end of a 6-day tapering prednisone prescription. I had a lot of weird side effects on it and I think that was one of them. Apparently it can cause hallucinations. Crazy stuff!

The worst part was I couldn't stop taking it. It was one of those "take all of this medication" and even my doctor told me I needed to continue taking it. Fortunately I only had 2 more days to go and then after about a week or so, it was finally out of my system.

Never taking that drug again!


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