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I've been feeling great for months,was back to my normal self doing normal things then last night the dreaded thing tried taking over and it nearly did,started feeling sick,dizzy,shaky,took me a while to get to sleep but eventually did,woke up this morning and had a full panic attack but just went with it and now it's slowly going,not letting this win me!

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Be thankful its settled and look to prevention with mindfulness etc



Good for you for several things , doing so well all this time and even though a little blip has turned up been determined it will not set you back , because as long as you don't let it have control it won't !

Usually I find something has been happening that brings this on even after a long period of feeling well but soon passes again

I also think we have to remember that the odd panic attack is acceptable for people that have not or do suffer with long term anxiety so it will be most likely that now and again a panic attack could happen but it is how we then deal with it and you sound like you know exactly what to do :-)

Hope you feel back on top soon :-)

Take Care x


Thank you,I've been great for months,get the symptoms but know how to control them,just makes me mad when I've gone all this time then that happened,I just feel so tired and drained today,I have a stressful job so it could have been that which brought it on xx

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Don't be mad you should be so pleased at how far you have come :-)

It is ok to feel tired and drained sometimes it is a way in which you body is telling you that you need to look after yourself a little bit more , you say your job is stressful so maybe it would be a really good idea somewhere to give yourself some time for you :-) x

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I've started going to the gym a few days a week which is good as it takes my mind off things,just think why me that has to suffer from this horrible illness,I have come a long way tho,a few years ago I wouldn't even leave the house xx


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