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Thought it may be a good idea to share my experiences of health anxiety. I have suffered this on and off for over 40 years. I don't know what the trigger was. I was anxious as a child and I lost my dad when I was 14. If I get a pain or ailment it is always terminal. Recently I got headaches for a few weeks and convinced myself it was a brain tumour. The problem is whenI go to the GP the outcome is normally positive but although initially I am reassured that feeling soon turns to negative thoughts. What if she has missed something, if I had told her about feeling sick or a twitch in my eye would the diagnosis have been different. I do feel sorry for our doctors. It must be a very hard illness to treat. I think they are more aware of it now. Imhave had CBT but although it had helped nothing has taken it away. I do have a very supportive GP but I know some people aren't so lucky. I think the mistake I make is going in with a diagnosis. One of the doctors said I know more about brain tumours than she did. Hope this might help someone

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  • I am the same way especially if I get random aches and pains all over my body or my chest I swear something's wrong and my doctor tells me I'm healthy!! But when I get those pains again or a new one I freak out again and I go to the emergency room so much thinking my doctor missed something and I need to get seen to asap but they always say I'm fine and everything looks great but my mind and thoughts won't let me relax!!!

  • Really glad you posted this. I've had the same things for as long as I can remember. I don't know what triggered it either. Perhaps my dad being so physically unwell all of my childhood. I lost him when I was 22. I was reasonably ok, as in I still had the health anxiety by not extrem, until I lost my mum in 2014 and my sister 11 months later. Now, every little pain or symptom is always the worst thing imaginable. I get a lot of chest and heart symptoms and despite reassurance, I still think the worst. Health anxiety is the pits and I wouldn't wish it on anyone.

  • I have recently been experiencing the same thing. I had a new mole suddenly appear on the sole of my foot. I know that new moles could be a sign of melanoma so instantly I assumed the worst and worked myself up so much by googling things I would just end up crying. I went to the GP who said it looked fine to him but he referred me to the dermatologist just to be sure, she also said it was fine. I then started noticing all my other moles and a couple more worried me so I went back to the GP again convinced that I had found some bad moles, and again they were fine. I do worry still, but its getting better. I find if you get a symptom that you think is of concern you just have to keep your eye on it, it should clear up after a few days/ weeks, if it doesn't or it gets worse or becomes a reoccurring problem then go and see your GP. They are highly trained professionals and know what to look out for so trust them. I know its very easy to assume the worst when you have a symptom but don't get too worked up over it and defiantly don't google it! I think sometimes you can make things worse and your mind can convince you that your experiencing pains or problems that are really nothing.

  • Ben having this problem for 8 weeks now. This year has been e tremely stressful and I've had many panic attacks, depression and anxiety. 8 weeks ago I woke up sick. Lump in my throat, light headed and had some weired issue where lights look to bright.

    Over the course of this last 8 weeks i have lost alot of weight, 50 pounds in 2 months, loss of appetite, brain fog, memory loss, heat sensitivity issues. Light issues, swallowing problems, hard to breath and I had myself convinced I was dying of every disease known to man.

    Researched Google for hours. Even went as far as had x3 blood tests, a GI scope, cat scan, mri, ultrasound, bacteria tests for SIBO and hplyori. Stool samples. Omg you name t I had it done and nothing has shown up abnormal or anything.

    Now I got myself scared to eat and got myself thinking that Everytime I eat I'm going g to choke or die or get sick.

    Anxiety, stress, panic and what not is a crazy thing. Started Prozac 3 days ago and today for about 2 hours I actually good. Clear head, no stress then 2 hours later feel back to crap.

  • I feel like that too.... finally got diagnosed with a tick borne illnes after numerous specialists gave me a clean bill of health & tried to prescribe pain meds, anti-depressants, and anti-inflammatories to manage symptoms without much concern about the root cause. That has taught me how hard it is to balance listening to your body & trusting your doctors.

  • Problem is once you have this label seems anything wrong with you is caused by anxiety. My doctor is very good but I went to see one doctor and het first remark was "what are you dying of now"

  • Prozac can take a few weeks to get into your system

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