Does anyone ever just want to go to the doctors with absolutely no idea what they will ask for? I slightly believe that I may have kidney damage because I have horrid taste in mouth and headaches and pain in back! A bit of me thinks I have heart problems as I keep getting pains in chest. And due to my floaters and headaches and concentration problems a bit of me thinks that I have brain problems. The list does go on!!! Help!!!!


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2 Replies

  • Your history and current post certainly suggests this is psychological.

    No point in going to the doctor unless you have a particular query

  • Hi sandy my list goes on too. I am constantly going to the doctors with some new pain etc. I even get embarrassed when I phone up as I think they will know it's me. At the moment I feel like I have lumps in my throat and can't swallow and it's getting me down, I know how u feel

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