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My horrible anxiety and hypochondria is making me believe I'm pregnant

I don't know if this is the right place to tell this to. But I had sex at the beginning of last month, and even though we used a condom, and there was no ejaculation, the next day I started to worry that I would get pregnant. Every day after that I worried myself sick waiting for my period. I worried so much that I ended up going to the er for random pains, three weeks in a row. I worried so much that my period ended up being 10 days late, but it came and was heavy, lasted 7 days and everything. Since my period left, I've been worried again. My breast have been in pain for a month straight, and I cannot figure out why that is. I also wake up almost every day with nausea that last throughout the day. I know this might just be because of my anxiety. But I can't help thinking maybe I'm pregnant and it's just not showing up. I had three negative urine test at the er. Two negative test at home. I can't get a blood test because I don't have insurance right now. But I'm still young and I keep having horrible images come to my mind of me finding out I'm pregnant weeks from now, and having to raise a baby. Or have to get an abortion. The horrible thoughts won't leave my head. One part of me says just move on and forget about it, and another part says not to ignore what my body is telling me.

If I were pregnant I would be over 8 weeks now, so that would definitely be showing up on a test right? I'm having the urge to run back to the er today and I don't want to leave there feeling stupid again :(

I'm just looking for advice and reassurance that this really is all in my mind.

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Hi highly doubt your pregnant after reading this, your over thinking it if you had all them test done accept your not pregnant and stop worrying your self sick if you have a partner make sure you take the pill.


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