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I AM NOT A PHYSICIAN, but someone who has had problems with waking up from a sound sleep with anxiety related heart palpitations. After doing some research I tried adding magnesium supplement to my daily routine. I noticed almost immediately this problem disappeared. I noticed so often certain deficiencies in our bodies will manifest itself in some really weird ways, and for me, adding magnesium really helped for this particular problem. Maybe this might help someone who may be having this same problem. Don't forget to always consider your doctor if the case warrants. (For myself, my doctor isn't always available or helpful for matters such as this and I have to so often do tons of research on my own).


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  • Would you be kind enough to tell me which magnesium supplement worked for you/ I have your prob. and have tried various mag. supps. with no success! - cant afford to keep spending on something that doesn't help. Thanks

  • I am sorry you are having a hard time finding a good magnesium supplement. Even more sorry to say, I tried many different types and for myself found no difference, they all seemed to work for me. I recently read that magnesium cytrate was the best for being absorbed in the system better, tried it last, but for the extra expense found no difference in how it worked for myself. I have been taking magnesium for so long now, I probably tried them all without actually remembering which was what. I spoke to someone recently about magnesium and she said she also used it, but in the powder form, which I believe is so much more concentrated, (also with this type, you have to be careful of too much because of the diarrhea side effects). I really hope you can get some relief someway. I myself have a problem with insomnia so having that particular problem on top of everything else didn't help.

  • Thanks for reply, I'm taking chelated mag. now and touch wood is at least helping a bit!

  • That is great! I hope for continued improvement for you!

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