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Does anyone panic all day and feel better in the evenings?

Hi All,

My day is like this: Wake up with churning stomach, have to rush to the loo. Can't get a breath, feel dizzy, light headed. racing heart, aching muscles, can't eat, nausea, lack of appetite Tinnitus.

And more, but I force myself to eat some dinner and then in the evening when my husband is home and I watch some TV or a film, I feel ok. Distraction I suppose. The only thing that never go's away is the tinnitus.

Then in the morning it all starts again.I find it hard to distract myself in the day as I am fixated on feeling nauseous or light headed.

Nightmare! Has anyone got any suggestions, my life feels ruined! As I can't even go out now for the fear of all of this.

J xx

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I am the same way worse in the mornings and during the day, my phychiatrist said this is because our cortisol levels (stress hormone) are at their highest in the morning after sleep and wears off during the day, this may be why you feel better at night. I've been having nausea lately too it's very uncomfortable

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Thanks, that makes sense.

The nausea us debilitating for me, but then the expectation of it starts it off! All a bit of a nightmare!


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